federal burro


We are the federal burro of investigation and don't you forget it.

Public Notice, Attributed To And Owned By The Fbi
Jun. 6, 2013 3:30 PM
Public Notice :

Somos el burro Federal de Investigaciones (FBI), el Jackass de la nación, la más grande, 'badest', culo más malo del planeta. Heehaw!

We are the federal burro of investigation (fbi), the Jackass of the nation, the biggest, 'badest', meanest ass on the planet. Heehaw!

Don't mess with us because we, together with cia, control the world's most powerful agencies including law enforcement, military, courts, congress, administrative agencies, civilian institutions, and the general population.

We are American Intelligence and we use our advanced war machine to torture, imprison, murder our perceived enemies, or adversaries (foreign & domestic) at our pleasure worldwide. Some of our methods and practices include assaults with directed energy weaponry (NYSEARCA:DEW), brain entrainment, and mind control; all such advanced systems and activities are classified and we deny their existence and use.

The concept of plausible deniability is not needed any longer because we simply deny, and no further questions are entertained. Our medical doctors label as insane anyone who tries to publicize our secret weapons and technology; and we railroad into mental wards or prisons anyone who tries to expose us.

One such Target of our wrath is former fbi agent Geral Sosbee, US Army Veteran, who insists on exposing our secrets; to better understand our 24/7 assaults on him and others, see his 'Story In Detail' in twenty parts, together with his many other reports, articles, logs, etc., posted all over the internet.



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