In Memory of Dean Marple


My study of law continues as does my pursuit of remedies

In memory of Ms. Annette W. Marple, Dean, Texas Tech University (TTU) School of Law which celebrates 50 years of teaching excellence this year.

At age 23, I returned to USA from Army service 50 years ago, and

I am grateful today to the law school and to Dean Marple and other professors for the opportunity to study law at the outstanding TTU School of Law 1981-82.

I have learned that law does not always provide remedies for government corruption, nor for extreme abuses of power by armed intelligence agents & operatives.

However, people like you & I may address unconscionable crimes by groups such as fbi,cia, police, judges, congressmen,et al. We may use our understanding of human nature together with our resolve to correct gross political injustices & crimes in our unending pursuit of remedies often obscured by the law itself.

So, to all new law students, Good luck, Good cheer and God's Speed in our studies and in our careers. As our destiny as lawyers is partially influenced by the historic era that envelopes us, our greatest victories may be achieved unexpectedly outside of the courtroom.

May our legacy reflect at once our professional skills, personal insights and determination to forge creative remedies where others often fail.


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