To describe fbi assassins


I borrow some words from HORACE WALPOLE to assist in describing universally recognized evil

To describe fbi assassins

I have come to know the insane & twisted minds of fbi/cia agents & operatives and their friends in the federal judiciary too well.

Their destructive evil and psychopathology haunt me as I witness their murderous cruelty and treachery throughout our culture.

They are misanthropic  torturers and I borrow the following description of maniacs from Horace  Walpole, by whose recognition of despicable characteristics in others during his time succinctly describes similar human monsters as I document in today's fbi.

From: Horace Walpole (1717)

"...there is not a word left in my Dictionary that can express what I feel. Savages, barbarians...horrors that can be found in no vocabulary. "

What tongue could be prepared to paint a group of thugs & murderers who avow Atheism, profess Assassination, and practice Mass murder, torture and forced suicide while being monitored by sadistic subhumans  and who, as if they had destroyed God as well as their own country, give no symptoms of repentance!

These Monsters talk of governing this nation, but such regime is
couched in one Law, "Thou shalt reverse every Precept of Morality and Justice, and do all the Wrong thou canst to all Mankind".
Thank you, Mr. Walpole for the universal description of evil men who claim membership in the human race: fbi/cia employees,
judges and their kind globally in every generation.


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