The irony of our 3 branches of government


USA and perhaps all the world face a descent into the maelstrom, courtesy of fbi assassins and fools.

Congress, President & SCOTUS in their submission to fbi/cia murderous authority defeat the very purpose for the existence of the 3 branches of USA's  government. 

See my several  papers at

on the topic of fbi corruption and overthrow of USA GOVERNMENT. 

Plus, see:

**The millions of our people locked away and countless more being tortured and otherwise abused by the USA's intelligence community are largely innocent on a relative basis. *

Their alleged offenses were actually committed, if all facts be disclosed,  by fbi's police community. 

Our fellow citizens are frequently jailed on contrived circumstances manipulated by lawyers, fbi,  federal magistrate judges and crooked informants. 
They are often set up & destroyed by illegal & fraudulent stings, both civil and criminal, by the real thugs and criminals at large, the fbi/cia/police and operatives/informants/street assassins.

** Government thugs such as exist in fbi/cia routinely hide their traitorous and unconscionable crimes with media complicity. One fbi tool to abuse and incarcerate innocent people is the notorious FD302.**

See my report here for crimes committed 24/7/365 globally by fbi/cia:

Those targeted for imprisonment and assassination have been entrapped by our very own police community whom we can never trust again. 

Moreover,  the disgraceful fbi and citizens in communities across the country who support fbi
** reflect our decadent culture and in a sense spearhead the descent of civilization into the maelstrom. This horror may never be halted because human nature does generally permit a bold, mass stand against corrupt authority. **

**I edit Dr. Karl Menninger's statement on topic as follows:*

I suspect that all the alleged offenses committed by all the jailed inmates do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them.
Karl Menninger, M.D. 


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