Crime spree by fbi & federal magistrate judges


How dare public servants presume that they are not answerable to the people for crimes against humanity.

On fbi and federal magistrate judges unfettered crimes against innocent Targets

Why, I must ask, do the fbi, fmj, et al., keep their program against Targets secret?

Wouldn't it be more reasonable and fair to all, including prospective Targets, to just tell the citizenry what is going on.

Well, apparently Targets do not merit any explanation, nor do the people whom this government presumes to represent. So, Due Process & Equal Protection are today theoretical abstracts reflecting eras bygone.

The failure of the people and Congress to stop fbi & fmj from their crime spree undermines the pillars of our government and society. So, they and the SCOTUS defeat the very purpose for their existence and they 'get away with it', but not f o r e v e r.


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