Coalition of conscience in the Australian Senate is pushing to get #KidsOffNauru

By GetUp --This is huge. In the Australian Senate the government faces Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum who are trying to push through a bill that would – by the end of this week – force the government to comply with doctor's orders.

After 5 long years, the people on Nauru and Manus Island – including children – would get the urgent medical treatment they need in Australia.

Driven by new Independent Dr Kerry Phelps, tabled by Senator Tim Storer and Greens Senator Nick McKim, and backed in by the ALP, Centre Alliance and Senator Derryn Hinch, this bill could make its way to the House of Representatives this afternoon. If it passes today – it becomes LAW.

But the Morrison Government is fighting it tooth and nail – threatening to suspend Parliament and do "whatever it takes" to stop the vote.1 And time is running out – with Parliament wrapping up for the year in a matter of hours.

While the Government tries to stall, we need to make sure MPs vote with their conscience and stop Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton denying ill people detained offshore the treatment they need when it makes it to the House of Representatives.

Together, we need to congratulate Labor for taking a stand, call on the House Crossbench to remain strong and demand the Coalition do the right thing.

Can you pick up the phone right now and call your MP to implore them to stand on the right side of history?

The fight right now in the Senate is extraordinary – with Government Senators throwing up every excuse in the book to try and stall proceedings. Because the impact of this bill would be huge.

Just 48 HOURS after this bill becomes law, families split apart by medical treatment will be reunited. Children and their families will be off Nauru and the emergency flights of critically ill men and women from the offshore camps will be touching ground in Australia.

But it all hinges on getting the bill through the Senate and the House of Representatives this afternoon.

With just a few hours left, our people-powered movement needs to swing into action, and do everything it can to make sure politicians vote with their conscience – because this could all be decided by a single vote.

Can you grab the phone right now and call your MP? Ask them to vote to get #KidsOffNauru and to bring ill people detained on Manus and Nauru to safety here.

Together, we've fought for this moment for the last five years Diet. We've fought for the women, men and children detained on Manus and Nauru to have the chance to rebuild their lives in safety.

More than 170,000 people across the country, more than 7000 doctors, the Australian Medical Association, every medical college in the country, religious leaders and celebrities have joined the call.

We're so close, but we can't stop fighting yet.

In determination,

Shen, Ellen, Renaire and Neha for the entire GetUp team

[1] 'Whatever it takes': Scott Morrison vows to avoid losing historic parliamentary vote', Sydney Morning Herald, 6 December 2018.


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