Corruption of all branches of USA government


I prove by circumstantial evidence the pervasive evil, fraud and corruption of the current regime that calls itself USA

Separation of powers in USA does not exist. Judges, fbi and legislators such as Sessions and Cornyn subvert law and cover up fbi crimes.
Case in point:

I began my law career in El Paso, Texas in 1983.

From 1980 -1987 William S. Sessions was federal judge in El Paso, Texas, and I began practice as a new attorney there in 1983. In 1987 Sessions became fbi director.

Fbi SAC SCHWEIN in El Paso, 1987-1988, was in office when my former fbi associate Gary Webb (special agent) advised me that Schwein was aware of the exact day and time that my life in El Paso and beyond was permanently destroyed by fbi.

The fbi on orders from a federal judge or federal magistrate judge in El Paso hijacked my life, destroyed my legal career, terrorized me and tried to kill me by smothering me during surgery in El Paso, for a service connected injury.

Now, if Mr. Sessions has any information please advise.

William S.Sessions became fbi director in 1987 to 1993. During his tenure, the fbi drove me out of every place I lived, forced me to live on the streets, prevented me from employment and terrorized me everywhere.

I later sought assistance from the son of fbi director Sessions, Congressman Pete Sessions, but he *refused and insulted me.




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