Aurizon is bullying activists: What you can do

Coal-haulage company Aurizon have been bullying grassroots groups undertaking peaceful powerful protest. Galilee Blockade have received legal threats but our friends at Frontline Action On Coal have been SLAPPed with a Spreme Court injunction.

Stand Up 2 Aurizon has been established to fight back. Pledge your support and follow updates on their Facebook page. We must show Aurizon they can’t silence our movement and stop us from taking action. Please send FLAC a donation too.

This wouldn’t be necessary if our politicians listened to the 70% of Australians who want to #StopAdani. This Saturday we plan to upstage the School Strike For Climate in selected cities, get even more people on the streets demanding action. Please invite friends to join you in:


Last but not least, some GREAT NEWS. In a shrewd move, ACF and EDOQ are taking the Federal Government to court. Also, check out 17yo Marco from our Melbourne Crew taking a stand for climate action on Q+A. The bugger got to hang with Billy Bragg afterwards too!

Together We Will Win

Ben Pennings

On behalf of Galilee Blockade


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