Adani promises to start digging by Christmas

By GetUp! - - As bushfires rage across Queensland. As temperature records tumble. Adani announced it will fund its climate-wrecking mine itself — and it's using bluster and brute force to gain its final approvals by Christmas.1

But hope came too last week — through children in their tens of thousands holding signs, chanting and speaking truth to power about the dangers to our climate.2 They captured national attention with their peaceful and vibrant protests — shaming the politicians who have failed to act.

While kids are fighting for their future, Adani is making a dangerous, desperate attempt to ruin it for its own profits. We can stop them, but it won't be easy.

Which is why we don't have just one plan ... we have three. We'll fight Queensland Government approval of Adani's rapacious demands for our water. We'll use polling to find other 'Wentworth-like'' seats that can topple on the issues of Adani and the environment. And we'll make sure Labor knows stopping Adani is a must to win those seats.

Throughout, we'll help support the children driving the campaign to protect our climate against every dirty trick and false promise in Adani's playbook.

But with Adani hell bent on breaking ground by Christmas, we have to start now.

Can you chip in so we can join the kids' extraordinary fight and mount one almighty resistance to Adani's destructive mine?

We have to throw everything we have at Adani over the next few months. We need the might to force the Queensland Government to hold firm, scare the pants off the Federal Government and push Federal Labor to finally come out strong on Adani. So here's what we're going to do.

Make sure they don't get their water approval
Adani is trying desperately to get their groundwater plan approved, while under investigation for illegally drilling into precious aquifers.3 So we'll run ads targeting key decision makers in the Queensland Government, making sure they know that caving to Adani's water demands is a slap in the face to every Queenslander suffering through extreme drought and raging bushfires.

Find out what electorates hang in the balance on Adani
Wentworth and the recent Victorian state election showed there are a string of formerly 'safe' seats across the country that could fall on issues like Adani and climate. If we can raise enough, we'll commission polling to identify and publicise the seats where stopping Adani is the difference between victory and defeat. It will greatly inform our election targets and plans — and scare the pants off a few coal-backing MPs and candidates.

Gatecrash the Labor Party Conference
The Federal ALP are having their National Conference in just 10 days to set their agenda for the next three years. A firm decision by Labor to stop the Adani mine is critical. So we'll buy up every spare ad spot, help support local actions and apply huge pressure to make sure they can't think about anything else until they've dealt with Adani.

Can you chip in to put this massive, three-part plan into action?

I know it feels like we've been here before.

But whenever we've pulled together in dark times, we just, keep, winning.

I can't tell you how proud I am of this movement. Whether it's for a few weeks or seven years, you've given everything to fight for a better future, a cleaner climate and a flourishing Reef.

From here, it could go either way. But watching those kids stand up in the face of our high-powered politicians filled me with a new wave of hope. And hearing Resources Minister Matt Canavan say their protests will just land them on "the dole queue" made me want to do everything I can to stand by their side.4

So we'll make sure to support the new movement of our children standing up for our climate future.

We could be on the verge of a spectacular victory, or a devastating defeat. But either way, I know we are going to give it everything we possibly can to win.

For those brave kids. For the future.

Chip in one more time to power hope in dark times.

Thanks for all you do,
Sam R, for the GetUp team

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[2] "The kids are all right over call for action on climate", The Age, 30 November 2018.
[3] "Adani groundwater bores investigated amid claims they were sunk without approval", ABC News, 12 September 2018.
[4] "Climate change protest will lead to dole queue, minister tells students", Sydney Morning Herald, 30 November 2018.


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