fbi cyber crimes never stop. Neither do my reports.


fbi removes many of my posts, blocks others.


fbi regularly deletes my reports from New Zealand Indymedia and blocks me from all other Indymedia such as Portland & Austin. 
Recently, fbi deletes a report from the following link entitled "History in the making":http://www.indymedia.org.nz/articles/17516

That report in 2 parts may be lost, but the following material from 2 FACEBOOK entries may recapture the information. 



Those of us wrongly targeted for death globally by fbi/cia/federal magistrate judges ,et al, leave an indelible & exclamatory
mark on world history: you, America, have eradicated for money, power & sick ideology the very best of the human species. You reach around the world with psychopaths & assassins to torture and kill us arbitrarily and insanely.

I and many other Targets once believed in and defended you, but now your evil ways have gone too far.

May Providence forgive all who yet align with murderous fbi, cia & the abominable US Judiciary and pathetically cowardly Congress. For their crimes against humanity demand a response from the heavens for the human suffering and bad deaths imposed by today's America. Targets neither forgive nor forget and their prayers to stop the cruel torture must be answered by the deities.

I am saddened beyond description by the filthy and bloodthirsty nature now evinced by the nation I served on the streets and in war on foreign soil.

--World war ongoing since end of WWII--

World History Does Not Allow Forgiveness
by gsosbee
Monday, 5th November 2018
geral sosbee vs fbi assassins
Fbi/cia take rightful place in long line of murderous tyrants. The Stealth world war is underway now and fbi/cia assassins lead its advance.
Mao Zedong,
Adolf Hitler,
Jozef Stalin,
Hideki Tojo,

Pot Pot,
Benito Mussolini,
Francisco Franco,
Kim Il Sung

Anonymous federal magistrate judges are to be identified and added to the above list.
May Providence give aid comfort and support to Targets of evil fbi/cia and their friends everywhere .
Thank you.


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