4 weeks to help the uncontacted Kawahiva – email Brazil's government now


We have 4 weeks to prevent the genocide of the uncontacted Kawahiva Indians in the Amazon rainforest. Crucial steps to protect their land must be taken before Jair Bolsonaro becomes Brazil’s President on 1 January.

And agents on the ground guarding the tribe’s territory need police support.

Will you help?

Two minutes of your time can make a huge difference for the Kawahiva. They are forced to live on the run, fleeing violence from illegal loggers on their land. Attacks and disease have killed their relatives. The survivors face extinction.

But they can thrive if their land is protected.

In April 2016, following global pressure from Survival supporters like you, Brazil’s Minister of Justice signed a decree to create a protected territory for the Kawahiva.

The decree must be put into practice before Bolsonaro tries to block it. You may well remember that earlier this year, he said: “If I become President there will not be a centimeter more of indigenous land.”

Please email Brazil’s Minister of Justice now, before it’s too late.

Stephen Corry

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Subject: Protection of the Kawahiva's land this year

Dear Minister,

I respectfully urge you to take the final steps to protect the land of the uncontacted Kawahiva tribe in the next few weeks.

The Kawahiva are one of the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. Attacks by illegal loggers and ranchers have killed their relatives, and they now face extinction.

But they can thrive if their land – the Rio Pardo indigenous territory – is protected, as ordered by Brazil’s constitution and by the decree signed by your Ministry in 2016.

I ask you, together with the President of FUNAI, to guarantee police support for the FUNAI team working to protect the land, and to move fast to take the final steps to complete the demarcation of the Kawahiva’s territory in 2018.

Yours sincerely,


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