fbi little nazis


Media hides the story of this millennium.

Shock the conscience; hide the evidence .

Some conduct by fbi/cia that I and others document are so horrific that they shock the conscience .

Below are a few such unconscionable fbi Gestapo type atrocities that I have chronicled for about 20 years and are represented here from my personal experience. Congress & SCOTUS help fbi psychopaths perform extermination:

fbi little Nazis with media & police complicity attack me and many others with:

Gassing operations, macabre human experimentation 

DEW AND ELF attacks on defenseless people,
causing myriad serious injuries .

Psychological operations on unsuspecting Targets who often take their own lives as fbi watch and record in real time on their laptops.

Disabling Calumny on political and ideological Targets 

Citizens & neighbors who are directed to commit felonies against the person and property of the Target. 

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