Old Letter to Obama on Membership for Palestine - A Sovereign Response from The Disabled

From mid 2009 - 2013, DLANZ was off line from the Net. Yet that did not stop spreading the Disabled message of Peace.....Here an example to USA - Waiata was "I Was Born This Way" Lady Gaga...keep smiling "Operation Tracey Marry Doug..."

30 September 2011

TO: Barak Obama – President
United States of America
C/- The White House
Washington – District of Columbia
United States of America

Dear Mr President – Yo Barak...Ki Ora Rangatira (NZ Maori for Hi Big Chief)

REGARDING: United Nations Membership for Palestine - A Sovereign Response from The Disabled

My name is Doug Hay and I write as Coordinator for Disabled Liberation Aotearoa, New Zealand (DLANZ). This body represents Disabled peoples (men, women and children)living in a frame, where our primary source of ‘Identity’ is our Impairment, be it born, acquired through illness, or as a result of physical trauma – including casualties of war.

DLANZ hold to the 1984 Disabled International World Peace Statement, signed in Hiroshima, calling on all sovereign nations to operate in a world of co-existence and cooperation, rather than conflict and combativeness to ensure a peaceful environment.

We are also registered on the United Nation Charter of People with Disabilities website 2007 (Info for your security buddies haha...article and photo enclosed)

As President of the most powerful nation in the world; We respectfully request that before you make any final decisions regarding the use of your Veto power, please could you seek advice from two groups whose views have not been properly expressed in the Middle East.

The Indigenous Population – These are called ‘Guardians / People of the Land , as described under The United Nations Charter for Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Disabled – Representing those people, and their families who are, or would become ‘disabled’ due to actions leading to violence.

Both groups are being treated as collateral damage, and the land gets destroyed as scars of battles etc Their advice is important as those Palestinians and Israelis are at the front line.

There is also concern should you choose Veto, and ask for NZ Government support about Palestine. While Prime Minister John Key would support you, it would not have come by way of the sovereign obligations of consultation under our own Treaty of Waitangi 6 February 1840.

I’m sorry to sound a nuisance, but I am confident you’ll understand. Good luck with the 2012 USA elections. The world needs another four more years of your genuine stewardship, as they did with Franklin D Roosevelt...himself disabled. As kids we always thought USA a great place to be at...Inspirational. (Here hand written "Free Hawaii")

Anytime you’re over on Air Force One, you and your good family are most welcome at my house. Do you still smoke? No worries, I am too and I have a place out back for that.

Regards and best wishes
Doug Hay – Coordinator
Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ


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