fbi turns ordinary citizens into criminals


Recent fbi orders in public libraries turn everyone into thugs against me.

November 20, 2018

fbi hoodlums turn ordinary citizens into criminals.

For 35 years the fbi has tried to prevent me from using a computer. Everywhere I go to use public computers, the fbi sends thugs and police to threaten, assault and provoke me in public libraries. All librarians and all police assist the fbi in their criminal assaults. See my hundreds of reports on topic, especially my reports on the University of Texas HSC, Harlingen and San Antonio, Texas, and see the data on thug Alonzo Yanez who assaulted me in the men’s room at UT Harlingen, HSC. The fbi also destroys any new computer that I buy.

Lately, the fbi sends local security guards and some library personnel at the libraries in McAllen, Texas, to stalk and harass me. I have tried to report the unlawful stalking, but all such efforts are not successful to date. These low level security guards do whatever the fbi and the federal magistrate judge tell them to do to make me feel uncomfortable in the library.

The average person apparently seeks to gain favor with the fbi by harassing me. Thus, the work of TOMO SHIBATA and RICHARD ENOS are particularly significant as applied to my work to expose fbi as cowards, traitors and assassins. See:

My report on DEW & ELF ATTACKS BY fbi:

The fbi exploits the ignorance and fears of almost all people who turn hostile and provocative against me at will. Many other Targets suffer similar assaults by the fbi and the public. Every fbi Special Agent is responsible to bring their corruption to the attention of Congress. Failure to do so represents a felony indictment of each agent and of the fbi hierarchy.


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