Climate Justice Taranaki Update

well summer holidays are almost here and the drill ships and onshore rigs
are still cutting into the flesh of Papatuanuku, spewing gas into the
atmosphere and chemicals into waterways, and raising the gap between the
rich and poor. Hmm.

He mihi whakamahana ki a koutou katoa,

If you want to be part of the solution, we really need your help because
time is running out to stop the pollution and reverse runaway climate
change. The people of Tikorangi, Ngaere and Kaponga need you. The
Phillipines and Kiribati need you. With global emissions steadily going up
instead of down there's at least one thing you can do this Xmas: reduce
consumption. Less is more.

Please also come along to the passive resistance hui next week to learn
more about oil and gas extraction in Taranaki and what we can do about it.
We don't have to just live with what's going on, we can create a better
world together, now!

Nō reira, noho ora mai ra
Climate Justice Taranaki


:: Hui to protect Maunga Taranaki from fracking, 14 Dec

Nga Ruahinerangi led a hikoi to Hawera late last month in protest against
TAG Oil's plans to frack next to and possibly under the Taranaki/Egmont
National Park. The iwi have invited anyone keen to help them fight the
Ronan Rd frack wells, due to begin this month, to an urgent hui. Please
come along and join the discussions. 10am Saturday 14 December at Kanihi
Pa, Hastings Rd, Okaiawa (near Hawera).

:: Passive Resistance Hui, December 18 & 19 Parihaka Pa

You are invited to join the whanau at Parihaka, Climate Justice Taranaki
and Oil Free Wellington in a special gathering to discuss and learn about
passive resistance (also known as non-violent direct action).

Since the 1860s, 'the Ra' on the 18th and 19th of every month has brought
Maori and other supporters of passive resistance together to korero.
Recently the pa whanau have begun holding evening wananga on the 18th on
specific topics. This month's topic is the use of passive resistance in
relation to current oil and gas activities. We will have members of Oil
Free Wellington and Coal Action Network coming to Taranaki to facilitate
some workshops.

Parihaka Pa can be found on Mid Parihaka Rd between Pungarehu and Rahotu
on SH45. Powhiri is 10am at Te Paepae and Te Niho on the 18th - take your
pick, the two houses hui together in the evening. If you have been
welcomed on these marae before and can only come in the evening, wananga
starts around 7pm after karakia. Powhiri is at 9am on the 19th after
breakfast at Toroanui Maare for those already welcomed on. Please bring a
koha for the table. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

:: Xmas - spend time, not money on loved ones

Every year we are persuaded by advertising and social expectations to go
and buy loads of stuff for our loved ones and every Xmas we see family
violence and stress over debt for low-income families get out of control.
This year we encourage you to avoid buying those unnecessary presents that
break soon after or are discarded in the world's giant poisonous rubbish
dumps. Instead why not spend some quality time with your whanau? Go to the
beach for the day or go bush walking, cycling, camping or just put on a
bbq at home... We have a beautiful planet to enjoy and friends and family
who need our time to feel confident and strong. Our time is worth more
than anything we can buy.

:: Fracking: Last chance to call for a ban or moratorium

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment is expected to release
her final report on fracking, possibly as early as next month Jan 2014. If
you haven’t already written to the Commissioner, write to her now at to express your concerns.

Since November 2012, CJT with numerous other groups, have initiated a
Community Joint Statement on Fracking, calling for a total ban or
If you represent a community group, hapu or business organisation that is
opposed to fracking, please consider signing the joint statement. Simply
send us an email and we’ll add your organisation to it.

If you are undecided on the issue, have a read of New Internationalist’s
17 page article on fracking worldwide and the many inspiring community
campaigns against it: .
There’s an interview with Josh Fox who said:

“You have a community that ends up being fractured, because inevitably
there are people who make money and are in favour, and there are people
who are devastated, upset and angry. After a while, the whole reason for
your town’s existence is to extract oil and gas... Your schools are
sponsored by the oil and gas companies, as are your roads and highways,
you don’t have a place to combat that pervasive element... When you have
all that toxic cash running into our state and federal government, the
citizens are squeezed out of that picture. I believe we cannot have
democracy without freedom from fossil fuels. Because they are so dominant
in our democratic political systems, not just in the US but in Australia
and other countries. The government’s been hijacked by a very small group
of people who are enormously wealthy.”

:: Oil Free Futures Summit, Dunedin 10 – 12 January 2013

This summer, Oil Free Otago are hosting the Oil Free Future Summit to
coincide with Anadarko’s planned deep sea exploratory well off the Otago
coast. The plan is to show Anadarko and the Government the strong local
and national opposition to deep sea drilling in New Zealand’s EEZ. It will
be a weekend of art, socialising, talking and action.

Friday evening: art exhibition by local artists: “OIL ON CANVAS”.
Saturday: talks from experts and those closest to the issue, nationally
and internationally. The famous “MESS WITH TEXAS” gig will rock the town
on Saturday night.
Sunday: church service emphasising the link between deep sea drilling and
climate change, the most pressing moral issue of our time. The rest of
Sunday will be a family day of action on the beautiful Otago harbour.

Oil Free Otago would love any offers of help. Email them at

:: Oil Free Fundraising Gig, Wellington Friday 13 December

Oil Free Wellington are celebrating a busy year and raising some much
needed funds for the next steps of their campaign. Come along to San
Francisco Bath House in Wellington from 9pm to support them and hear:
Newtown Rocksteady!! Matiu Te Huki!! Slutopia!!

| NEWS |

:: Fracked communities denied protection (CJT Media release 25/11/13)

New queries by community watchdog Climate Justice Taranaki and other
concerned citizens has revealed no insurance company will cover landowners
or communities at risk from fracking or oil drilling exploration. To make
matters worse, under the Resource Management Act, the rights and
protection of ‘affected parties’ are also waivered if agreements or access
is given to oil companies.

Read more here

:: Opposition against drilling growing in Taranaki

Beach protests were attended by thousands of people over the weekend
sending a strong message to Anadarko and the government that there is
growing opposition to deep-sea drilling and plenty of support for the Oil
Free Seas Flotilla.

Even in Taranaki, the so-called ‘Texas of the South Pacific’, the
increased public awareness around the impact of the drilling on the local
and global environment has lead to protests. A beach protest in New
Plymouth was attended by over 50 people on Saturday. At the same time, a
hikoi led by South Taranaki Iwi Ngaruahinerangi is making its way from
Parihaka to Hawera. Read more here

:: Special Report: The Frack Files (New Internationalist Dec 2013)

New Internationalist has just published a 17 page article on fracking
worldwide and the many community campaigns against it. Even John Key and
Climate Justice Taranaki get a mention in there! Here's some interesting

"Drill & decline. Fracked shale gas and oil wells are not productive for
long, with extraction levels dropping swiftly – therefore new wells have
to be dug continually just to try to maintain levels... shale oil well
productivity declines 81-90% after 24 months...Shale gas [declines] 80-95%
in the space of 36 months."

"Due to the economies of scale and required infrastructure, fracking is an
all-or-nothing, shock-and-awe operation. Either the drillers come into an
area and plaster it with well pads – or they don’t come." Biologist Sandra

"The industry has massively oversold its jobs record. Since 2003, oil and
gas jobs account for less than 1/20th of 1% of the overall US labour
market. Numerous industry-funded studies count strippers and prostitutes
as ‘new’ jobs created by the spread of fracking." Energy educator Richard

"In 2012 the state of Texas [gained] $3.6 billion in severance taxes
[from] all oil and gas [but suffered] $4 billion, estimated damage to
Texas roads from drilling operations." Heinberg.

"In the US fracking generated 1,060 billion litres of toxic wastewater in
2012. Enough to submerge Washington DC in a 6m deep lagoon."

Download the article here

:: Anadarko update

The Oil Free Seas Flotilla managed to really increase awareness of
Anadarko's deepsea oil drilling programme by being out there stopping it
spudding for almost two weeks. There was such a groundswell of opposition
around the country to deep sea drilling that the Government didn’t even
try to enforce the Anadarko Act to stop the protesters. If you haven’t
already, watch some of the video blogs on:

Greenpeace has now filed papers in the High Court seeking a judicial
review of the decision allowing Anadarko to conduct deep sea drilling in
New Zealand waters. The High Court action will aim to prove that, by
failing to view key documents including emergency plans, the Environmental
Protection Authority has made an error in law, probably breaching
international laws of the sea.

Climate Justice Taranaki


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