Protesters remain despite police attempts to remove tree sitter

For the second day 40 conservationists have maintained a forest protest action at Stony Creek in East Gippsland.

Police Search and Rescue arrived at the site this afternoon. They proceeded to tie-off cables connected to the tree sit, to release the logging machinery. Police climbed the tree-sitter's tree, removing the platform and the protester's personal belongings, including blankets, food and water. The tree-sitter remains perched on branches at the top of the tree. Two people are still at the top of tripods on the road, continuing to block access to log trucks. Logging contractors have began felling trees within the logging coupe.

“The commitment of these dedicated people, willing to face arrest or difficult conditions in the tree-tops, demonstrates their resolve to see our forests and endangered wildlife protected for the future” said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

“The destruction of forests that are home to threatened wildlife displays repeated disregard for the the government's own scientists and is an afront to the tax-payer who foots the bill. ” said David Caldwell, Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO).


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