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"I formed the Disabled Liberation -Aotearoa to push the boundaries…” Doug Hay
This article includes "The Life and Times of Doug Hay" by Ross Flood Editor www,cpsociety.org.nz AND DLANZ Mission Statement attempt...keep smiling

By Ross Flood www,cpsociety.org,nz

From time to time a person springs into my life that makes me think. Doug Hay is such a person. Doug proudly states he was born in 1958, in The Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese calendar, to Scottish parents of the "Orange" persuasion (Capitalist / Protestant, and of farming stock). Doug's disability is not Cerebral Palsy, he's of Arthrogryposis ("It's a joint thing" he once told Nandor Tandoz of The Green Party), but he has associated with Cerebral Palsy people all his life.
At birth he was left to die in an oxygen tent and when he stubbornly refused to oblige, the experts of the day had to quickly formulate a plan B.
Part of that plan was to send him to institutions like the Cerebral Palsy unit at Rotorua's Queen Elizabeth's hospital and Pukeroa a southern Hawkes Bay home for the disabled.
These were the days when surgery ruled supreme, where wayward limbs were corrected so that the disabled would fit into society, as best they could.
As an adult, Doug has spent many an hour reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly experiences of his childhood and adolescence. In his youth the medical model predominated where a cure, or at the very least control over your disability was top priority thus allowing disabled persons a more "normal" life. Doug firmly believes that the social model of disability is the way to go. This model proposes that systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society (purposely or inadvertently) are the ultimate factors defining who is disabled and who is not in a particular society. It recognizes that while some people have physical, sensory, intellectual, or psychological variations, which may sometimes cause individual functional limitation or impairments, these do not have to lead to disability, unless society fails to take account of and include people regardless of their individual differences.
"Disabled people must take charge of their own resources because they are living with their impairment and therefore process the knowledge on the best way to break down the barriers and negative attitudes" said Doug.
"I formed the Disabled Liberation -Aotearoa to push the boundaries, to make people sit up and take notice, especially the professionals, - both within the Disability Sector and at the highest level,” he said

Kaupaoa and About the Author

My name is Doug Hay and I write as Coordinator for Disabled Liberation Aotearoa, New Zealand (DLANZ). This body represents Disabled peoples (men, women and children)living in a frame, where our primary source of ‘Identity’ is our Impairment, be it born, acquired through illness, or as a result of physical trauma – including casualties of war. DLANZ hold to the 1984 Disabled International World Peace Statement, signed in Hiroshima, calling on all sovereign nations to operate in a world of co-existence and cooperation, rather than conflict and combativeness to ensure a peaceful environment.


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