The Conferences deliberately omitted from world history

Now, when we see that Capitalism is a cadaver, yet still seems alive, one asks when the fall began. In 1945? When capitalists decided to hold on to their colonies? In fact it started 1 year earlier 1944 with the Bretton Woods (USA) Conferences

The Conferences deliberately omitted from World History

Fernando García Izquierdo

Many times in my long life I’ve asked myself, when did IT all start? and as I travelled widely in western Europe after the second world war, which afforded me a direct vision of what was happening, I came to think that it all started after the war, precisely.
Now, you may be asking yourself, what does this man mean by “it”? And the answer is all this mess, created by the Gran Satan of Capitalism-Imperialism. I thought it wasn’t necessary to explain, Frankly, look at the world around you, the so-called Free World, all is havoc, ruin, corruption and murder. A world free for bandits and killers as evidenced by the fact that there are in it Trump-creatures who own our Earth while more than half of our fellow humans suffer all kinds of calamities, all evils.
So, it is settled, this is a mess, the state, the situation at which we’ve reached, the imperialist regime which has been imposed on us, as evil, horrible, the worst one in the circumstances for the human race and the planet, and we all recognise this as a fact; and if the reader disagrees, she or he will of course stop reading this article and I will go on with my writing.

I left Spain, my country of origin, where I was born and brought up, then under the boot of fascism, by train, as soon after World War 2 as I could. I lived a short time in France, moved on to England, where I settled for while. Then I knocked about for a few more years.

I saw for instance that Germany (called West Germany) was richer than England in that the Germans (for instance) ate better than the English, consumed more and better things, without ration cards, and led their capitalist lives very comfortably.
Two countries of the same free world. One had been destroyed by the war and the other had been victorious in that war; Britain had to go on with ration cards and the other, not.
Why was that? “The German Miracle!” cried the journalists and other sycophants.
And I saw (this with some resentment) that the Germans were ten times wealthier than ordinary Spaniards. I say “ordinary” because in Spain, made fascist by the “Grace of Sir Winston Churchill, at the Potsdam Conference, in1945, a fascist regime had been established, where “los pobres mueren de hambre para que los ricos llenen bien la barriga”, where those that die of hunger must work for the rich to fill their bellies.

Likewise I saw, reverting to West Germany, that having lost the war, the Germans were pampered, specially by the Americans. The country that had initiated the war! And that the Soviet Union, which was the country which had won the war against nazism-fascism (or, if you want, which had won jointly with the United Kingdom and the United States and others the war against nazism-fascism) was now the enemy, and would be the enemy for evermore,

The reader must have noticed that all through her (or his) lifespan our political thought, the philosophy of our regime, our deciders, has been summarised in these few words, “We must contain the advance of communism!”

“The advance? Why? Why millions and millions of dollars have been spent in order to contain the advance of communism, if advance there is? Well the reason is because communism is meant to advance, and it is meant to advance because capitalism is either dead or moribund; because nothing is eternal.
Matter and motion. All changes, advances. Progress. And the same as feudalism was for a period being taken over by capitalism, now this is being taken over by communism (you can call it socialism if you want, if propaganda has caused you to believe that “communism is a virus”; but then it has to be truly what it says, don’t tergiverse!
We all know what happened when ‘las fuerzas ocultas’ got directly THE COMMAND, when the French Republic placed Monsieur Hollande there a so-called socialist and some months later they introduced to the French a man from la Banque Rothschild, ‘this is the man that directs the State. It turned out to be PRESIDENT MACRON.

And now, in November 2018, sixty-odd years later, we are all convinced, we feel it, each one us in our inner being, we see it with our own eyes: first that Capitalism-imperialism is nothing but dirt, injustice, robbbery, murder, havoc and destruction: A NEAR CADAVER.
And that rottenness is corroding life and reason, now it is the WHOLE world that is perishing; secondly, Communism IS working, progressing, and very quicky. Today Communist China is Number One in the world in almost every field of knowledge, pure science and culture; and ages ahead in SOCIAL JUSTICE.
I suspect that it is due in part to this: the communists know that WEALTH IS DUE TO THE WORK OF MEN AND WOMEN.

Now, don’t tell me that I must see on television tonight’s film about “Stalin’s Crimes”. I don’t possess a TV set, I never believed Fascist-capitalist Propaganda.

It doesn’t seem at all important whether the BIG MESS IN OUR SOCIETY WHICH IS OBSERVABLE TODAY generated in ’45 or a bit later or earlier, whenever, except that having discovered it began in NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR, it does have a meaning, it tells you a lot, I MEAN ANTICOMMUNISM.
And it means the West was betrraying its alliance with the Soviet union.

In 1943 Churchill and Roosevelt went to see Stalin, The two had reached the conclusion that the Führer was losing the war: his devastating defeat at Stalingrad made the two rush to Tehran to make an alliance with the Communists. Bretton Woods in 1944 was a solmne betrayal, therefore.
There, THE THING began.

In the wonderful spring of 1944, when in the world at large millions of innocent human beings were STILL suffering in a war against fascism, the rich were revealing their true nature. In Bretton Woods you could smell the FASCISM of many participants.

Many years ago I saw a film about the Nuremberg Trials (by Stanley Kubrick, I believe) in which the main character, one of the official attorneys or judges at the trials was saying to a woman attorney “We shall be seeing all these condemned to life imprisonment out in three years or so.”
He was referring to those German war criminals who escaped being hanged and went to jail. German War Criminals, the Military or of Industry (Krupps, Siemens, etc.) There is much to say, but… we shall by no means raise the subject. We have to talk of “Stalin’s forty million murders.”
For my part, I’ll tell you an anecdote:
In the seventies, at international conferences in which I took part as a Patent Lawyer, when it was not a U.S. or a U.K. acting as President, it was a West German industrialist, Krupps’, Siemen’s, Farbenfabriken, etc, who had (some of them) just escaped the death sentence at Nuremberg.

But the important thing at Bretton Woods was the Pentagon became then and there the policeman of the world, a qualiedty confirm by the newly instituted United Nations Organisation. Thus when U.S. Senators invented the DominoTheory and Truman and MacArthur decided to attack Korea, millions would have died if Stalin had not shown his determination to fight. The Yanks caused the whole Free World to go to WAR, including the Turks.

Turning now to just a glimpse of what Bretton Woods of the “the entanglement” constituted by way of these generally Omitted Conferences, let me start from the end.
I live in France, and see sycophants representing CAPITAL lamenting, shedding crocodile tears, because Trump, the FED, New York, Washington or whoever is stopping them (the French Capitalists) from maximising profits in Iran. “Why do they do this to us”, they complain, “why don’t they let us make money? Don’t we (the French industrialists) make millions and millions of dollars, selling arms and war planes to Saudi Arabia? Why NOW can we not sell our products to the very Religious Regime of Iran?”
Simply because in 1944, in the midst of a Solemn gathering of Capitalism, in the glorious atmosphere of the resort of Bretton Woods, of which few like to talk, all the Free Rich States decided to surrender their sovereignty to Washington, in consideration of being defended, handling colonial wars, etc.
Among other things, the US dollar became the universal measure of exchange and value, as I have said. I don’t know whether everyone realises what this means. Please, consider this: say that during the great years of capitalism a country exported less than it imported, globally. The result was a deficit. The country was obliged to devalue its money, its nationals became poorer. With the United States of America things didn’t happen that way. Say that America needed nine thousand millions more to wipe out the war in Vietnam. The Federal Reserve just printed the paper-dollars or created value some other virtual way.
I also want to mention that this sort of bandits (Finance and Militarism) invented and created AT Bretton Woods those two discredited bodies, today agencies of the United Nations Organisation, which straight away proceeded to destroy the African continent, or at least a substancial part of it, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
Have I said ‘destroy’? Well, perhaps it is an exaggeration, perhaps CAPITALISM – IMPERIALISM (at Bretton Woods) only defended mercantilism. Why had Tanzania, say, to spend a hundred million US dollars in cars to satisfy General Motors Company, when the planning in that country was to have a prosperous national agriculture?

And during the rest of the century and forevermore, if anyone wanted to engage in trade internationally, he (she, it) hasn’t been able to do it BUT IN US DOLLARS. If the Iranians for example wanted to eat Valencia oranges they had to pay for them in the US currency and likewise all around the world except in the now dead and gone Soviet Union, and possibly some other States.

We have seen how in 1944 fear of communism caused the French industrialists to overlook that ‘petit détail’. THEY WERE PASSING SOVEREIGNTY to the USA. Now, half a dozen decades afterwards, they receive from the hands of America a big slap in their teeth, and they don’t even know what has happened.

‘A quoi ça sert?’ ask the French (almost all of them), what is the use? Perhaps
they will try now, like the Italians, Hungarians and others by turning to FASCISM, which political propaganda calls ‘populism’.

We are seeing it very clearly all over Europe, our Europe of the Common Market, north, south, east and west… ah! and the formerly glorious Mittel-Europa, nearly all becoming fascistic and North America, Mezzo America and South America, all fascists save some exceptions, like Cuba, Venezuela, etc.
You may say that this is neither here nor there. Correct, but…
If you had lived in the thirties of the last century, as I have, perhaps some new effluvia would have entered your body (your soul if you prefer) telling you that IT should not be, “NO PASARAN.”


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