fbi assassins at work


fbi are professional killers, calumniators & choreographers

fbi are professional killers, calumniators & choreographers


To assassinate character, decimate reputation & turn all of his/her contacts hateful and angry against him is in a sense as painful to heart and mind as crucifixion may be to body.

Those who engage in such atrocities are truly the most despicable people on earth. I suspect that the perpetrators of offenses against Targets do not much like themselves.

For 35 years the fbi agents, operatives, thugs & assassins have stalked, assaulted, tortured and tried to murder me. These reprobates most enjoy devising attacks on me while I am unconscious in the hospital or when I am subjected to a macabre medical procedure by a secret agent who wants me to suffer and die.

All such crimes against me are overseen by a criminally insane federal magistrate judge, such as I have shown in the federal courts in El Paso & Brownsville Texas, inter alia.

Recently, fbi agents anticipate my having lunch at a local deli. So, fbi contact the manager of the restaurant to advise her that a federal judge seeks to notify me discreetly that I am monitored everywhere I go. As I park in the front of the deli, a car parks close to me, but the occupants wait for me to exit car first. Then, I notice two sleazy whores follow me into the deli: one is a sly fox and the other is her daughter.

As they aggressively sit in the booth closest to me, I turn to confirm that the two are on my case. My wife is also alert to the apparent game. At the same time, I notice that the manager is watching.

Later, the manager and assistant visibly assault us my obvious stares and moves near us.

I later notify the owner at corporate, but I realize that fbi and federal magistrate judges have a corner on credibility in such choreographed scenes.

** This type of harassment is executed against me for 35 years in many businesses. Other Targets report similar stalking.**

Meanwhile DEW AND ELF assault me all the time for the past at least 20 years.



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