Abbott and Scullion must go...


Join the call for Nigel Scullion and Tony Abbott to resign from their roles in Indigenous Affairs and put First Nations' affairs back in First Nations' hands.

By Widjabul woman Larissa - Last week, Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion was forced to admit that he had siphoned off nearly half a million dollars in funds earmarked for Indigenous disadvantage to lobby groups to fight land claims, including one he used to chair.1

It's wrong, totally against the rules and a complete misuse of funds. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, this is the final straw.

Report2 after report3 is showing the Indigenous Affairs portfolio is failing First Nations people. It's not just that the "solutions" aren't working, we have also lost previous gains we have made and are going backwards fast.

The men responsible? Nigel Scullion and then self-appointed "Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs" Tony Abbott.

For years, Scullion and Abbott have wreaked havoc in their roles in Indigenous Affairs – not only taking us backwards, but putting lives at risk.

Together, we need to stand up and demand that the Australian parliament puts First Nations' affairs in First Nations' hands.

Can you join the call for Nigel Scullion and Tony Abbott to resign from their roles in Indigenous Affairs and put First Nations' affairs back in First Nations' hands?

We've seen the damage Scullion and Abbott can do, refusing to consult4 with communities who are affected by their schemes or with peak First Nations' advocacy bodies.

They've slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from vital frontline services and Indigenous led programs.5 And refused to abolish disastrous policies such as the Community Development Programme, despite nationwide calls for this damaging work-for-the-dole scheme to be scrapped.6

They will not listen. The same week a report exposing the rising death toll of First Nations people in custody was released, Abbott declared his top priority would be school attendance.7

Days later Abbott turned up unannounced in Borroloola where he was met at the airport by Aboriginal leaders who told him to get out. They were angry their children were being used as a photo opportunity while their school provides a bilingual education and has one of the highest attendance rates across remote communities in the NT.8

This has gone on for too long. Bad government policies remove our dignity and cost lives. Scullion and Abbott don't represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and they don't deserve another chance.

It's time First Nations' affairs were in First Nations' hands.

In solidarity and determination,

Larissa for the GetUp team

Larissa is a Widjabul woman who leads all of GetUp's First Nations Justice work.


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