Fbi & fmj never stop their chicanery


Crimes by fbi and federal magistrate judges (fmj) are widespread, hidden and abominable.

Fbi/fmj rascals never stop their chicanery

This report is based on recent evidence of fbi's crimes against me in many locations, including public shopping malls and stores.

The increase in such crimes as assault & battery, stalking, threat by intimidation, etc., is apparently authorized and ordered by de facto fbi operative who is also a federal magistrate judge (fmj). I consider the judge to be criminally insane and a threat to the public safety.

Federal Magistrate judges provide fbi with fraudulently conceived orders to follow and provoke me because the fbi in ex parte meetings with the judge fears that my continued work is embarrassing to fbi.

My references to such judges as insane are a thorn in the side of the judges who entertain secret meetings with fbi in efforts to find a way to charge me with any offence criminal or civil.

To that end the fbi almost daily sends male and female assassins to stalk, assault and try to provoke me everywhere. For additional data see the two links below, my three podcasts with RAMOLA D and my other reports & sworn affidavits online and at Academia.edu.

One aspect of these covert, counterintelligence operations which are generally not known is this:
The fbi is quite experts in manufacturing false realities to present to their insane federal magistrate judges. The fbi tracks every step of this Target, sends their thug/operatives to harass the Target and then search a way for their thugs (usually in pairs) to allege a civil or criminal complaint. If the Target tries to photograph the fbi assassins, the fbi
notifies the corrupt judge of evidence of Target's paranoia. In one such case in Brownsville Texas a few years ago the fbi thug stalked and harassed me in several locations in efforts to provoke a response. In other cases the fbi assassins actually commit assault & battery to see if I defend.

With each new crime by fbi I recognize that the federal magistrate judge is part of the covert operation. He is a disgrace to the law, a traitor, and is lower than the assassins sent to harm me. Other federal magistrate judges in Dallas, El Paso, NYC, Honolulu, LA, RGV (especially Brownsville Texas) have authorized fbi terrorists to destroy my life for the past 35 years.

All Targets of fbi stalking & assault program are no doubt suffering similar attacks that I document, and are acutely aware of the dangerous minds of federal magistrate judges who sign fraudulent civil orders in secret against Targets in efforts to imprison them. Many criminal defendants are similarly railroaded into prison, though they are innocent.

All such Targets need to educate the public regarding the threat to liberty by hoodlums of fbi. See reports on Myron May and Aaron Alexis, and see my reports on fbi's statements online regarding murderer and possible mass murderer by their Target. Note that I too am tortured by fbi's DEW AND ELF WEAPONRY every moment of my existence.


Thank you for not being afraid to read my posts.

See also:

https://www.academia.edu/37628116/POLICE_STATE_USA_fbi.docxgainstinnocent Targets



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