A Spiritually Crippled Nation & The Disintegration of the Family Village


We are a nation in crisis, Child abuse, family violence, youth suicides, and other appalling New Zealand (NZ) statistics and the breakdown of the family unit are all indicators of a spiritually crippled nation.

In today’s world religious and spiritual traditions are being abandoned and replaced with instant-self gratification, digital communication and the drive for accumulating tangible things and recognition. The world is speaking a whole other language instigated by the computer age, and a huge cultural shift brought about by the changing attitudes of society. But the constellation of the family village remains the same, that being the most fundamental social group in society, where values and principles are taught.

Our family villages are disintegrating at an alarming rate because they are spiritually dehydrated and crippled, many exist in spiritual poverty having no spiritual protection to help them guard against adversity and turmoil, and the nation has become so imbalanced by the weight of dysfunction, crime, violence and abuse, the spiritual disparity is over whelming.

In this book I focus on 5 very pivotal attributes that help sustain the family village, and its negative or opposite that will accelerate its demise. Each attribute is linked to our spiritual character, or those things we regard as worthy of discipline and cultivation that enhances our inner wellbeing, life experiences, and ultimately nourishes our spirit/wairua.

This is worth a read to discover how and why our nation is in crisis.


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