Gathering of Australia's indigenous nations - Sovereignty vs NativeTitle

GATHERING of NATIONS: Sovereignty v Native Title; Caution with Treaties/Treaty; Declarations of Independence (UDIs); Native Title: Rights and Wrongs.

Venue: Yarramundi Cultural Centre, Burringiri, 245 Lady Denman Drive, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra

'BYO everything: Be as self-sufficient and self-determining as possible'

Day 1 FRIDAY 23 November 2018

MEETING of MINDS Peoples’ Forum
Sovereignty v Native Title

'Unilateral Declarations of Independence (UDIs) and Sovereignty.
Downloading stories on Native Title determinations from grassroots.
What’s going wrong? Who benefits?
Bring copies of your ILUAs, Native Title determinations, consent determinations, RTN mining agreements.
Mining royalties and trusts;
PBCs – Prescribed Body Corporates
[getting Native Title off our chests]'

Star Stories of The Dreaming screening

Day 2 SATURDAY 24 November 2018

Welcome to Country
Acknowledgement of Country


Monica Morgan
'Introductions: Time to Decolonise;
Yorta Yorta establishing sovereign governance.'

Ghillar, Michael Anderson
'Role of Sovereign Union.
Fraud and deceptions in Mabo and Native Title;
Sovereignty recognised in Mabo and PIPA, Pacific Islanders Protection Acts 1872&1875;
early court cases affirm First Nations sovereignty.'

Kevin Gilbert Memorial Lecture

Prof. Gary Lilienthal, International lawyer
'International law of treaties and how they can descend into war.
History of British treaties.
Necessity of First Nations constitutions;
Need UN peacekeepers to uphold a treaty/ies.'

Fred Hooper
'Citizenship and Establishing First Nations’ Governance'

MEETING of MINDS Peoples’ Forum
Sovereignty v Native Title (cont from Day1)

Youth Forum - Meeting of Minds

Music and cultural exchange

Day 3 SUNDAY 25 November 2018

MEETING of MINDS Peoples’ Forum
Sovereignty v Native Title (cont from Day1&2)


Ghillar, Michael Anderson Euahlayi Nation
'Running the gauntlet to independence and sovereign recognition.
Euahlayi UDI.'

Monica Morgan, Yorta Yorta.
'Yorta Yorta experience of self-governance.'

Sorin Blaga Phd, Newcastle Uni
'Community-based sustainable economies from Romania’s experience of rebuilding its economy.
Social entrepreneurialship.'

MEETING of MINDS Peoples’ Forum
'Rebuilding Nations & processes in First Nations declaring independence (UDIs).'

Treaty/ies; Sovereign Independence and Native Title.
Communique to First Nations


For full details of times, meals, etc go to these links:

WGAR Newsletter of 21 October 2018, one month before the Gathering. This Newsletter:!topic/wgar-news/1zbVLonUjMs


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