Capitalism-imperialism the cancer of the earth

When looking at the free world the word that comes to mind is consternation. The British prime minister, the French president, the German chancellor are undecided. They do not know what to do. They only say trivialities . And fascism comes along

Capitalism-lmperialism the cancer of the earth

Fernando García Izquierdo

We are now to respect nature’s law.
Nowadays, when we go to the supermarket to do our shopping we are advised to buy our meat, fish, fruit and veggies not as we did during the glorious days of capitalism, now dead and gone, but the “reformed way”. For fifty years we were hurrying at full speed. All was industry, fabrication, the free world: mass production, industrialisation, automatisation, numbers, numbers.)
We purchased only the commodities produced by big industry, made more abundant and bigger by Monsanto’s pesticides, etc. Now we are told to back-pedal.
This because, on the one hand, producing the capitalistic way, we ate all sorts of chemicals and other poisons. The multinational corporations were filling the citizens (called consumers) with the consequent poison, and they were saved from death with thousands of medicines which were produced by the indecently rich pharmaceutical industry. The Social Security System paid for all that (Welfare Programmes). And everyone went on happily maximising his or her profits.
All that began to change right from September 19, 2008, the day when we saw with our bare eyes that our system of society is evil, the day the world saw clearly that “the decline and fall of capitalism-imperialism is a reality.”
And now we are told officially that our system (regime, if you prefer) is not only supermaximising profits for an everdiminishing number of bandits, but it is destroying the planet, besides.

Once again, two things count here.
In the first place, now our wisemen and wisewomen, and Nobel-Prize winners and others in command, collectively called our deciders, have decided to make us happy, here, in this life. With that object in mind, they have forbidden the use of plastic bags and some other plastic wrappings, IN ORDER TO SAVE THE EARTH, and at the same time they try to make us more natural, in the way we live and we consume. Among the middle-classes we all have become partial to LESS WASTE, we all will vote for the “ecology parties” in the next European Elections.
“Not so much waste as before” That is the motto. The second thing is this. The end result of all this, these new policies, is that everything that is produced today, every decision that is taken, every law that is passed by parliament or by whomsoever or whatever passes laws under capitalism-imperialism is worse today than it was yesterday, and it is sure to be worse tomorrow, for the poor.

A nation of paupers.
There is no longer a “process of production”, labour and capital. They have destroyed the working class. It was understood at the birth of capitalism, the beginning of the industrial revolution, about two and a half centuries ago, that it was WORK the wealth of nations: today I heard on the air (during my breakfast) one of the three hundred scoundrels who have been made with Macron the “deciders of the nation”, that there is no choice. There is no work available for the workers, full stop. He spoke then about “algorisms”, but I understood nothing, I cannot say another word about what the fellow said.
Humans being the sort of living beings that they are, they cannot live just eating grass or stones. “We are not thieves,” said some robbers whom Timon of Athens met on the road (according to Shakespeare) “but men who are much in want.”

Capitalists are dirty liars.
A few days ago I wrote abouut a communist, Paul Lafargue who showed that because of the increase of productivIty, LOGICALLY, we humans, the working classes, should work less every time, not more; firstly because humans are not machines made by God to produce surplus value for the rich in order to make them richer, secondly because even the poor must have some leisure time (yes, Mr Trump, even the poor.)
And what do we see now, one century and a half later? That there are millions of ex-workers, people that must somehow eat, and DON’T FIND WORK. Millions and millions of ablebodied men and women unemployed; we used to say “on the dole.” But now there is not much money, even no dole in particular for the young. The very scoundrels who command and have organised all this mess, now declare that the state has no money to waste on people who do not work.
The very rich have billions and trillions of euros and dollars to share amongst themselves and very little or nothing for the working classes. The other day to a young university graduate who did not find any work, the President of the Republic said (we all heard in on the radio): “How dare you say that? You only need to cross the street, and you’ll get your daily ‘boulot’. I’ve heard that the owners of the very many little restaurants there can’t find waiters.” He was referring to a ten-hour job until the early hours (seasonal.) You need to be a Comedian to perform like that.

The Time of the Comedians.
Exactly, that is why the ‘fuerzas ocultas’ that control our society chose him. Now he is getting ready to fly to the South Pacific, to Noumea. French Capitalism-imperialism is organising a referendum, a question on a Good Show. The people, the Kanacks who lived in an archipelago North of New Zealand are going to be told to let French Capital continue exploiting the immensely rich subsoil of the islands for another two centuries. Maybe he wins.
A big performer at home, a big performer abroad. That is why he got his job. From an official in the Rothschild Bank to a pernicious actor in the Great Theatre of the World.

A Minister for Durable Development.
On the matter of our eating now healthier than before, purchasing the produce of real farmers who work rather their own little plots, (not the multinationals who own enormous extensions of land and grow huge quantities, say of carrots, at one go, properly cleaned and wrapped in plastic bags, before offering them for sale on the market, I forgot to say that now we have in France a Minister in charge of all this.
Precisely the first Ministre of Ecology and Durable Development (I believe this is the complete title) has now resigned, I think that because he found out that the world was (ecologically) going to ruin and he could do nothing to save it.
Now! Can it be true that such a brilliant individual, knowing that there is less LIFE in our planet than, say, half a century ago (perhaps half as much), may be thinking, that HE was the one destined to stop the ruin?
What about society? and when I say society, I mean system of society.
When the radio-programme which gave us the spectace of the resignation of our Ministre (France Inter) came to a close, as determined, the sound doubled in intensity, and capitalist advertising took command. For many long minutes we heard the story of how marvellous for us it would be to possess the new most powerful Mercedes motorcar, etc. etc. Next minute Toyota, Audi, and Renault had their span of advertising time.
No! Monsieur le Ministre! We have to say it clearly. There is (today) only one of two alternatives, “dos caminos”, as once Dolores Ibarruru, the famous Spanish communist said: either communism or capitalism.

Having our lunch.
However let me go back to the real theme of this article. Following the general trend among our class in our time we try to buy our food, etc. more naturally, and a pretty penny it costs us; for in our home, the old husband forgot to work in years past accumulating money for later on. Never mind.
We enter our kitchen at midday and we start to cook our lunch. I go with a bunch of carrots to the sink and open wide the tap. For I have to make sure I won’t dirty the vinyl-floor any longer. Nowadays the carrots we buy are substantially smaller, and rather dirty, black soil. As I am fairly finicky in the details, I waste a long time holding the produce under the tap.
Before, not only during the thirty glorious years of capitalism, but until very recently, the carrots were bigger, the number, let us say a dozen, the packages perfect and we never could consume the whole amount of our purchase.
Anyhow, here the important thing to take into account is that since our politicians started talking about changing the way we live because we are destroying nature and the bees are being killed by the poison sent by Monsanto into the Market and the whales get indigestion due to hundreds of tons of our plastic bags clogging their tummies, and all those world conferences and multiple meetings about global-warming things have been going from bad to worse.
Perhaps readers remember that already in the seventies of the previous century, there was heated discussion about modern industry destroying nature. A group of a dozen or so United States scientists and other very clever men, who were collectively called The Club of Rome, said that our “Growth” must be stopped at once, because the earth had begun to perish.
The purpose of their discussions and propositions was in reality to try to avoid that the Underdeveloped Countries, which the United Nations had now begun to call developing countries, engage in the same devopment as we had, because if Asia, Africa and Latin-America should start developing programmes similar to those of Europe and North America during the previous century the earth would be unable to supply sufficient raw materials for all.

My brother Miguel.
All during my life my elder brother (only one year older than myself) was one of my best friends. When we both retired we tried to go to see each other as much as possible. I heard him say often, when we met old friends, “Yo fui Jefe en las Naciones Unidas.” He was in fact a Senior Officer in the Special Agency FAO, a veterinary doctor, specialised in artificial insemination (bovines.)
He worked all his life in Central and South America, but at the end of what the French call la “vie active” he was sent to Africa. His last post (for a few years) was in Tanzania. What he told me about the United Nations Organisation was really indicting. He knew Julius Nyerere, the President, personally. Everyone knows what a great man this president was. Democratically elected by the People, he understood what was to be done. A socialist who knew what kind of progress the country needed.
“They destroyed him,” he told me, “lo aplastaron.”
He referred to the United Nations, of which he was “un jefe”, and specially the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB).
These two institutions, born like all the freeworld bodies created in the fury of the birth of the Cold War, in 1944, at Bretton Woods, were created for the declared purpose of “stopping the advance of communism” or, if you prefer “of Stalin”, as even today is being said in freeworld propaganda.
“The United Nations,” my brother suggested, did not care. The WB, with its loans and other lies, would do the misssion for what it had been founded, to make Tanzania, as all the other developing countries of the (now) called Third World, subject to neocolonialism, in the orbit of the capitalist world.

‘Un solo camino’
“A spectre is haunting Europe… the spectre of Communism. All the Powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise that spectre…” COMMUNIST MANIFESTO,December 1847 – February 1848.

This is where we stand today.


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