Fbi turns civil society into a cesspool of sinister assassins


Besides converting citizens into assassins, fbi instils fear in others in order to control them.

fbi turns civil society into a cesspool of sinister assassins, while fbi instils fear in many others


Over the past year we enjoyed occasional dinner at a McAllen Mexican restaurant. Our waitress was always friendly and provided excellent service.
Now listen carefully:

During our recent visit our waitress turned and waived at us , but sitting at the bar were 2 or 3 fbi agents and operatives. They turned to see who YADIRA was waiving at.

Then, during our last visit YADIRA saw us but was afraid to look at us and for the first time did not greet us.

Then, a different waitress waited on us, though YADIRA was available. The new waitress knew that we were regular customers who tipped well. She insulted us and provided poor service .

fbi frightened YADIRA and made her fearful to greet us. She speaks no English and she may have immigration status pending.

fbi uses other foreign nationals more aggressively. fbi sends Mexican nationals, Hindus et al to assault and provoke. They are assassins.


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