Anti-Rape demo hits the streets


More than 1000 people marched against rape in Wellington today.

The demo was called in response to the ‘Roastbusters’ rape group that recently came to public attention. The people on the protest, however, were clearly moved by longstanding and deep frustration about rape culture in society that validates and valourises violence towards women. There was also a deep vein of anger towards the police that not only disregard rape complaints, but are also an agency actively involved in the promulgation of rape culture and gang rape.

Some people took the opportunity to talk about specific experiences of rape, of dealing with the police and supporting victims of rape. Other people took the opportunity to encourage active consent and men’s education as the way to end rape culture.

It isn’t hard to see violence towards women everywhere in this country – it transcends race, class and background. Women face this brutality mostly in their own homes at the hands of the people who say that they love them.

Here’s a message everyone can understand –
How do we stop rape? Don’t rape anyone.


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