DLANZ Code ''Operation Tracey Marry Doug 2013 TRANSLATE Election Now Why Wait


Original written 2012 and still counting. As a real 'Solution to Child Poverty in NZ'

1. Operation Tracey Marry Doug 2013 Translate Election Now Why Wait
(Original 2012 and still counting…Aroha forever (-: )

Objectives; Adopt ‘Solutions to Child Poverty in New Zealand’ 2012. Support Feed Poor Kids in Schools proposals. AND; Merge NZ Disability Strategy 2001 into A Fusion of Horizons for Aotearoa….Waitangi and All Treaties…It’s like a Marriage.

DLANZ Proposal for Waitangi Constitutional Review June 2012 "A Fusion of Horizons" Manifest www.indymedia.org.nz/articles/1269

DLANZ hold to all sovereign nations to operate in a world of co-existence and cooperation, rather than conflict and combativeness to ensure a peaceful environment

The National led coalition of 2011 election is acting without a true mandate. A shameful cloud now hangs over ‘Te Whare Parliament’ as the Speaker and the Government treat the House as a joke, with examples of Pike River, Sky Casino and continual breaches of Waitangi treaty and other human rights. It has been obvious that, in DLANZ this shows an ‘Abdication of Sovereign Responsibility’ .

If a citizen is obliged to give trust for a sovereign to rule, then the sovereign has a responsibility for its apparatus (People and Structured), to show integrity in ‘its’ applications. If policies are being generated for the benefit of a few, at the expense of a majority, which include violence (Glen Innes HCNZ), then DLANZ contend the system has become corrupt and defunct/

Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ has written to the Governor General asking to call an early election; and instruct the NZ Police to not be used as ”blue bodied bailiffs’ as like the history…Scotland to Bastion Point all show history repeating itself. Tariana Turia Minister of Disability had described disabled as the most vulnerable of a people within society; DLANZ believe its time to stop inflicting needless poverty, and associated social ills because of ideologies that fail to include all citizens.

We ask all readers to write yourself to MP’s and GG’s to stop the rot, because 2014 may be too late for too many.

Keep Smiling
Doug Hay
Cordinator DLANZ


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