Renewed assaults by fbi & operatives at home and elsewhere


This report reflects gas lighting by fbi and their operatives everywhere I go and live for the past 35 years.

fbi renews campaign of harassment by neighbors, using gaslighting.
Noises issue from neighbors to harass and startle frequently when I come and go from my residence;
** neighbor throws large cockroaches into my patio, though I have no other roach problem;**
** neighbor vandalizes and steals personal items of low value.**

Police report filed this date with Mission Police Department, Officer A. Sanchez #648, case # 18-25670.

Extensive stalking everywhere I go by fbi thugs (male and female).

Any security cameras would be destroyed by fbi on authority of insane federal magistrate judge; so I have no cameras at present.

Neighbors who commit an overt act in furtherance of fbi murderous goal are guilty at least of attempted murder of Target.

Over past 35 years, fbi made multiple attempts on my life


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