Trying to push Big Coal out of Australian politics

Australian companies are planning to increase their coal, oil and gas operations in low-income countries fourfold from 35 to 150 projects in coming years, undermining women’s rights and wrecking global efforts to tackle climate change.

An Australian activist group reports that Australian companies are planning to increase their coal, oil and gas operations in low-income countries fourfold from 35 to 150 projects in coming years, undermining women’s rights and wrecking global efforts to tackle climate change.

ActionAid Australia is looking for support for campaigns to hold these companies accountable. The group is an affiliate of act!onaid international, which claims to work with more than 15 million people in 45 countries “for a world free from poverty and injustice”.

“Women’s organisations from Papua New Guinea to South Africa are calling on governments of rich countries like Australia to take responsibility for the operations of their fossil fuel companies. They are taking justice into their own hands, launching campaigns to hold Australian companies accountable and to have their voices heard by the Australian public,” actionaid writes in a release.

“Taking on the Australian fossil fuel industry may seem like a huge task, but we know from our successes in the past that when we get behind women driving change, we are a powerful force.”

Actionaid argues that the expanding global reach of the Australian fossil fuel industry increases gender-based violence, HIV infection rates, chronic health problems, food security, and unpaid labour.

“The industry is also contributing to climate change, which is increasing the frequency and ferocity of disasters that also disproportionately impact on women.”

Coal mined in and exported from Australia is also a huge contributor to global warning.
In 2017 it was the world’s biggest exporter, accounting for 36.6% of global coal exports, as reported by a website specialised in export reporting, WTEx. Australia also has the world’s biggest coal shipping port, Newcastle.

Local anti-coal activist groups Act Up Newcastle, Frontline Action on Coal and Newcastle Climate Justice Uprising aim is to shut down the railways feeding coal into the port and draw attention to “Australia's shameful status as the world's biggest coal exporter and one of its worst greenhouse gas emitters”.

Newcastle police have just arrested three protesters. Sarah Barron, a Newcastle local, who had blocked coal trains for three hours, said she was concerned about her future given
the coal industry's grasp on Australian politicians.

A new coal-loving far-right Australian government, just installed in an inner-party coup against former prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has plans for more coal-burning power stations across the country.

This at a time when power from variable renewables is now comfortably cheaper than from any new fossil fuel power generation.

The new energy minister, Angus Taylor, says he’s not a sceptic about climate science, just the economics of green schemes, and he’s declared renewables are “in my blood” and have an important role in the energy system, reported Guardian Australia, under the headline Angus Taylor signals further taxpayer investment in existing coal and gas.

“But while overtly backing solar and hydro, but not wind – a technology he’s long opposed – Taylor has also signalled he wants to encourage new investment extending the life of existing coal and gas plants, and upgrading ageing facilities, with an objective of boosting supply.

“In his first major speech in his new portfolio, Taylor has recommitted the government to pursuing heavy-handed interventions in the energy market cooked up in the last days of the Turnbull government, including “last resort” divestiture powers to break up power companies if they engage in price gouging.”

Guardian Australia headlined a comment: Angus Taylor condemns us to another round of energy stupidity.

Too high consumer prices for electricity are a red-hot issue for national elections which might happen soon, but at the latest next year.

Dissension over energy has toppled seven Liberal and Labor Australian prime ministers in just 10 years. The latest inner-party coup brought in Scott Morrison in a devious manoeuvre.

Meanwhile the prime minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, has slammed “Australia’s fossils fools”.

“Any leader of any country who believes that there is no climate change, I think he ought to be taken to mental confinement. He is utterly stupid,” the Samoan leader is quoted as saying on 31 August.

“But he could have been a lot harsher — especially considering Australia's

long-standing bipartisan paternalistic and colonial approach to the Pacific Island nations.

“Tuilaepa commented that the big powers, particularly Australia, China and the United States, were bullying Pacific Island nations to acquiesce to their strategic interests, while ignoring the plight of the island nations.”

Ever more public opposition to the climate chaos is stirring across the country.

Activists are picketing the Queensland parliament to demand that the Labor government prosecute the Indian Adani coal mining conglomerate for breaching their pollution license by 800 percent, which released toxic coal sludge into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The action has to be filed by September 7 and there’s no sign of the government taking that action.

Picketers are demanding that:
* Adani is prosecuted for breaking Queensland law
* In the middle of a drought, Adani is not allowed to extract
billions of litres of precious water every year to run its dirty coal mine.'

On September 6 Stop Adani Tweed Coast and 9 others are calling protesters to
Parliament House in Brisbane, promising powerful speakers, legendary musicians and a BIG final message to Queensland Parliament


  • Prosecute Adani for breaking Queensland environment laws
  • Cancel Adani's water licence
  • Protect Native Title of Traditional Owners
  • Clean up old mines polluting our State
  • Get Big Coal out of Queensland politics!'

Melbourne-based Stop Adani Moonee Ponds and two other groups are planning
“thousands of conversations in our communities, yard signs on every street, local groups in every suburb, action after action, attended by growing numbers of people,
at our politicians’ offices. This is what it will take to Stop Adani's mine!”

Celebrate with Cupcakes - Coal Out of Politics at State Library

Friday from 17:00-18:00

Public · Hosted by Stop Adani Melbourne and 3 others

State Library Victoria
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

“We are moving our fabulous tenth month celebrations to the STATE LIBRARY to support the mega important Snap Rally to Get Coal Out Of Politics which starts at 6pm. After politicians have been scattered like ninepins it’s time to make our voices heard.

“Who said standing up for our climate had to be dull? Let's take a moment to celebrate our well-earned tenth month anniversary!”

Coal Out of Politics! Snap Rally in Melbourne!
Hosted by Stop Adani Melbourne and 9 others
State Library of Victoria
“We have a new coal-loving PM, courtesy of the coal lobby.
“Scott Morrison loves coal so much, he brought a lump of coal into parliament!
“Snap rallies are taking place across the country, with people standing up to say NO! to the coal lobby running our democracy!”

September 12-16th (Arrive Tuesday 11th)
“Frontline Action on Coal and Newcastle Climate Justice Uprising are offering a week of civil disobedience training and direct action against the world's largest coal port.
This event will take place on Awabakal & Worimi country in Newcastle. ... '

Canberra: Climate Justice Bootcamp
Hosted by Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network and 3 others
Daily, 6 Oct – 7 Oct
To be confirmed - Canberra City

“Run by and for young people, Climate Justice Bootcamp is a weekend of training, skill-sharing and networking that’s open to any young person. This isn’t a conference or a talkfest - it’s a launchpad for real action and hard-hitting campaigns to solve the climate crisis.

“Over two days, you’ll hear from seasoned activists who know how to win campaigns for social change, and meet other people from the ACT who care as much as you do about creating a better, fairer future.

“Plus, we’ll plan powerful campaigns to stop Australia’s biggest coal and gas projects, to protect country and drive the clean energy transition we need - and give you the chance to put your new skills into action!

“Hundreds of young people from all walks of life will gather at Climate Justice Bootcamps in every state & territory this spring.”


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