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Melting permafrost in Alaska, new shipping route through the Arctic, new mining opportunities in Greenland, oil drilling in the Arctic. Ain't it all great? Not really. Australia's climate action is now stuffed.

Melting permafrost in Alaska reveals ancient fossils and artefacts. Container ships can now save lots of time, going via a new shipping route through the Arctic. New mining opportunities in Greenland. Americans will be able to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Ain't it all great? Not really. The melting of the Arctic is a global horror story. Is anyone noticing? Does anyone care? That is the question that our children and grandchildren will be asking.


We all know that Australia's climate action is now stuffed.

Coal-enslaved PM Morrison (video) , visiting drought areas "not terribly interested" in climate change.

Misogynist and cowardly - Australia's Liberal government passes the hard jobs on to women!

We in Australia now have to suffer dismissal of the climate issue by our new energy minister, and the hypocritical platitudes of our new environment minister, both comfortably in the service of the fossil fuel industries.

But - is the shit about to hit the fan? Australia's failure on climate action is likely to doom the $15b European trade deal.

The Pacific Forum is on this week, but coal-loving PM Scott Morrison will not attend, especially as the Pacific leaders demand Australian action on climate change. Foreign minister Marise Payne will be there, working hard to avoid that subject. Pacific nations see climate change as the top security issue..

Moderate Liberals angry at Morrison government’s stance on climate change. Malcolm Turnbull's son can't vote Liberal because of their failure on climate change.

Cyclists start 900km journey to Canberra, with Nobel Peace Prize and aim to end nuclear weapons.

Call to Australian War Memorial: Stop accepting funding from weapon-makers.

South Australia's Greens leader Mark Parnell urges a united stand against nuclear waste dump plan. Survey shows north region of South Australia mainly opposed to nuclear waste dump. Environmental and flooding dangers to planned Flinders Ranges nuclear waste dump. Michele Madigan - update on the struggle against nuclear waste dumping in the Flinders Ranges.
Western Australia's [Aboriginal] traditional owners steadfast in 40 years' opposition to uranium mining. Aboriginal Elders take action against uranium mining. Last week of the Walkatjurra Walkabout.

Aborigines not happy with former Prime Minister Tony Abbott as envoy on Indigenous Affairs.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Queensland says wind, solar key to lower power bills, creates new renewables generation company. APA to add solar park to biggest wind farm in Western Australia.


Bangkok Climate Talks: time to deliver on Paris rulebook. El Nino weather is made more extreme because of climate change.

Media about climate change must address the social impacts, and respect refugees.

UK, USSR, and US soldiers paid the health costs, as guinea pigs for nuclear bomb blasts. Cosmic ionising radiation is a threat to pregnant flight crew members.

**ARCTIC. Arctic sea ice under threat** from warm water that has arrived deep below it.

JAPAN. Fukushima. Opposition to release of Fukushima radioactive tritium water into the sea; longterm storage the better option. Release of tritium-tainted water into sea is opposed by Fukushima fisheries group.

Japan might sue journalist over his coverage of Fukushima, in Dark Tourist series. Japan's municipalities in growing rejection to hosting nuclear waste dumps.. Fukushima to remove controversial statue of child in radiation protection suit. Water leak in Japan's unfinished Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing plant. Nuclear fuel soon to be removed from Japan's failed Monju fast breeder reactor.. Japanese students submit nuclear abolition petition to UN. Nuclear waste briefings in coastal areas. Japan revises guidelines for earthquake probabilities.

IRAN. U.N. watchdog says Iran continues to comply with nuclear restrictions despite U.S. pullout.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. The woman who tore up the curtain of silence about US atomic atrocities.

• Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen's involvement in shady deals to secure huge funding for nuclear project
• USA negotiations with North Korea may be on the verge of breakdown
• Karl Grossman on the nuclear weaponisation of space.

• Terrible sickness price paid by Americans for 1,032 nuclear bombs the government dropped on America.
• Trump administration partners with weapons contractors, removes Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board power to oversee worker safety.
• Agreement for USA commercial nuclear power to provide tritium for nuclear weapons.
• USA scales back emergency zones for small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) to try to make them affordable.
• Safety measures for America's nuclear weapons complex to be unravelled.
• A second Hanford radioactive waste tunnel in danger of collapse.
• Westinghouse nuclear fuel factory - more leaks discovered.
• Slow death of nuclear power, leaving stranded radioactive trash.
• Call for immediate removal of nuclear waste from San Onofre area.
• Lawmaker presses for quicker action to help military clean-up crews of USA's 1966 nuclear accident
in Spain.
• Colorado River polluted since 1969 by nuclear explosion fracturing experiments.

GERMANY. French and German anti-nuclear campaigners block uranium transport. German nuclear waste and Geoscience authorities in selection process for nuclear waste dump. New documentary claims that Hitler had nuclear weapons ambitions, only thwarted by an accident.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia's plans to make Qatar a nuclear waste dump island.

CHINA. China reaffirms commitment to no first use of nuclear weapons. Ecological risks of China's floating nuclear power plants in South China Sea.

TAIWAN. Taiwan to hold referendum on lifting Fukushima food ban in November.

UK.South Korea's nuclear corporation in desperate effort to save Moorside nuclear plant project . How a UK submarine could carry out a nuclear strike, depending on a radio programme. Protest rally against nuclear power station mud dump.

CANADA. Following Trump, Canada and Australia go backwards on climate change action.

FRANCE. France's environment minister quits in protest about nuclear and climate policy. Resignation of France's environment minister - he did not do a great deal to pull back nuclear power.

RUSSIA. Russia's $9 billion nuclear-powered supercarrier will probably never be completed.

Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia




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