The Ballad of Brigadier Bill

anti war song

Murder in Afghanistan, the ballad of Brigadier Bill

by Don Franks

(A royal marine murdered an injured insurgent in Afghanistan by shooting him in the chest at close range, a British court martial board found Friday.

According to prosecutors, he told fellow soldiers to hush it up and acknowledged: ‘‘I just broke the Geneva Convention.’’

The board ruled that the commando, who can only be identified as Marine A, was guilty of killing the unnamed man in Helmand Province in September 2011.

"It is a matter of profound regret in this isolated incident that one marine failed to apply his training and discharge his responsibilities,’’ Brigadier Bill Dunham, of the Royal Marines, said in a statement.

‘‘It was a truly shocking and appalling aberration. It should not have happened and it should never happen again.’’)

The Ballad of Brigadier Bill

Brigadier Bill of the Royal Marines

got up on a normal day

the blackbird sang and postman called

in the usual morning way

Brigadier Bill carefully combed his hair

not yet too thin or too grey

Brigadier Bill of the Royal Marines

showered and went down to eat his egg

his loyal old sad eyed spaniel Spot

rubbed puppy love down his leg

Brigadier Bill opened his facebook page

as Spot gazed up to beg

Brigadier Bill of the Royal Marines

had a horrible wake up call

a royal marine under his command

was not playing the game at all

a trooper known as Marine A

had taken his eyes off the ball.

A trooper known as Marine A

instead of using a drone

or a heat seeking missile or hydrogen bomb

had gone rogue on his own

he'd shot some wog in the chest, not like

the guns of Navarone

This trooper, known as Marine A

had broken the rules

and the Geneva Convention

he'd just killed a fellow earth dwelling chap

with no protocol or pretention

Brigadier Bill of the Royal Marines

blushed to think of his code betrayed

and this shocking aberration

and how God would be dismayed

"I hope this will never happen again"

wept poor Royal Marine Brigadier Bill

"Hiroshima was fine, but this crosses a line

  • there's a right and wrong way to kill! "


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