Ominous developments evince police state


See my reports from personal experience that reval the emerging police state in usa and beyond.

After decades of criminal assaults and torture by operatives and agents of the fbi and police (as I have documented extensively online at various sites, including the fbi plants my name at the scene of a crime (see 'fishing expedition' and 'request for disclosure' below) and causes the state and federal police to zero in on me as a person of interest.

Both cops (Knipfing and Rodriguez) ignore evidence of ongoing felonious assaults and attempted murder of my person, even as the two seek to gather evidence against me for some nefarious purpose. They both focus on my online posts and my report against the US Army in apparent efforts to profile me according to their secret and unlawful agenda.Meanwhile the fbi sends an anonymous operative online to frighten the public with cries of "mass murderer". See 'paint me doubtful's comments at

and my report at

Six months after the illegal fbi/postal inspector/Texas DPS intrusion into my home a new development of possible significance arises:

As I return home at 9PM. November 4, 2013, I am greeted in the driveway of the duplex where I reside by a uniformed HARLINGEN, TEXAS POLICE OFFICER (with police squad car) who identified herself as Rebecca Cruz (phonetic spelling). I am advised that shortly after the other tenant to my duplex abruptly and secretly vacated the premises, Cruz rents the unit adjoining mine, even though no rental sign was on the premises and the only people who ostensibly knew of the vacancy were the police, the owner, etc.

Now, while I am grateful to have someone other than a *terrorist living on the premises, I also hope that any apparently secret and cowardly agenda by Rodriguez and Knipfing is not furthered by the Cruz appearance in my face.

  • Note that during the year that I have resided at my present unit, I have been harassed continually by criminal mischief episodes including tarantulas crawing around my front and back doors, by a dead animal with bashed in head thrown into my patio and by another neighbor displaying his firearm to me in my front yard.

Thus, the failure of the fbi to silence me from reporting their crimes is a victory for free speech, but as I have learned certain risks always follow. The exploitation of legitimate police in our society is evidence of an encroaching police state in the USA, where the whistleblower or dissident faces a guantlet of assaults by the very individuals sworn to protect and to defend.
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