Oil Free Wellington Update November 2013

Anadarko Out! No Deep Sea Oil Drilling Off the Coast

There’s plenty coming up:
- March planned for when Anadarko begins seismic surveying
- Upcoming flotilla
- Fundraising Gig Friday 13 December
- Volunteers needed to help with postering
- Oil Free Summit, Dunedin, 10 - 12 January 2014
- Sign the Petition to free the Arctic 30

This update also contains news on:
- John Campbell on oil drilling
- Oil Spill map released
- US mining company sues Canada over fracking moratorium
- More contaminated waste heading for Taranaki
- Climate change impact on coastlines
- Dump Dirty Denniston divestment campaign

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks.

March planned for when Anadarko begins seismic surveying
Midland Park, 12pm, date TBA

In the next few months it is likely that Anadarko will begin 2D seismic surveying of
the Pegasus Basin! If this happens we will be organising actions to demonstrate the
staunch opposition of Wellingtonians, and other New Zealanders, to the expansion of
fossil fuel exploration.

One such action will be a family friendly march beginning at Midland Park in the
Wellington CBD. This will start at midday on a date we will announce once we know
Anadarko's plans. We'll be marching to the Ministry of Economic Development and then
Anadarko's offices on Customhouse Quay. There will be penguins, and we may even be
conducting some seismic surveying of our own.

It is of course really important to show strong opposition, and raise awareness,
when Anadarko begins surveying. Unfortunately they are not advertising their plans
months in advance. Please bear with us and be ready to join us in opposition when we
announce a date.

Upcoming Flotilla
Community groups around the country are also organising a flotilla against the
drilling planned for Taranaki and Great South Basin. More on this asap! In the
mean-time, come along to the banner painting to help us prepare our flotilla
celebration banners.

Fundraising gig Friday 13 December
We are stoked to announce the Oil Free Wellington fundraising gig on Friday 13
December at San Francisco Bath House, 171 Cuba Street. Thanks to the support of
wonderful local acts. Watch this space for details!

Volunteers needed to help with postering
Are you able to help with postering for the gig, from 9 November onwards? We will
need people for city postering runs and for asking-shops postering runs. Please
email oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com) if you are
able to help with either.

Oil Free Future Summit, Dunedin, 10-12 January 2014
This summer, Oil Free Otago are hosting the Oil Free Future Summit to coincide with
Anadarko’s planned deep sea exploratory well off the Otago coast. Oil Free Otago had
an amazing showing at our recent Oil protest so it would be great to get a good
showing of Wellingtonians down to this Summit.

The plan is to show Anadarko and the Government the strong local and national
opposition to deep sea drilling in New Zealand’s EEZ. It will be a weekend of art,
socialising, talking and action.
Friday evening: art exhibition by local artists: “OIL ON CANVAS”.
Saturday: talks from experts and those closest to the issue, nationally and
internationally. The famous “MESS WITH TEXAS” gig will rock the town on Saturday
Sunday: church service emphasising the link between deep sea drilling and climate
change, the most pressing moral issue of our time.
The rest of Sunday will be a family day of action on the beautiful Otago harbour.

Oil Free Otago would love any offers of help. Email them to
oilfreefuturesummit@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreefuturesummit@gmail.com)
They are also seeking donations to: Oil Free Otago, Kiwi Bank - 38-9015-0104292-00.
Please use the reference ‘ofs’ + your name.

You can register for the Summit
Or find out more on the Oil Free Otago website.

Sign the petition to free the Arctic 30
Twenty eight activists, a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer, were
involved in a protest against the Gazprom Arctic drilling platform Prirazlomnaya on
18 September. Two of the activists tried to climb the side of the platform to hang a
banner. One day later, Russian security services descended from a helicopter onto
the deck of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, seized the ship at gunpoint and
detained the entire crew.

The activists, crew and journalists were at the Gazprom rig because they felt
compelled to bear witness to the slow, unrelenting destruction of the Arctic. As the
ice is retreating, oil companies are moving north to drill for the fuels that drive
that melting. The Arctic 30 are people who care enough about the world we live in to
take a stand and protect it. The Arctic is a stunning place, home to unique species
including polar bears and Arctic foxes. Drilling for oil there is an appalling act
that threatens this extraordinary environment, and the world’s climate.

John Campbell on oil drilling
October has seen three stories on Campbell Live about Kaikoura, Anadarko and Simon

Kaikoura’s trepidation with oil giant’s arrival. 8 October

Simon Bridges defends Kaikoura drilling operation. 14 October

Does Kaikoura want oil drilling? 17 October

Oil Spill Map released
Greenpeace commissioned a computer oil spill modelling report. The oil spill map is
online at

It shows a deep-sea blowout could have devastating impacts on New Zealand's coastal
waters and significant economic consequences.

Industry standard modelling by Wellington based data scientists Dumpark using ten
years of climate and weather data, shows the blowout effects of two planned deep-sea
drilling locations off the west coast of the North Island and the east coast of the
South Island. The deepest current production well in New Zealand is 125 metres.
Texan oil driller Anadarko is scheduled to begin the first deep-sea drilling (at
1500 metres) this summer off Auckland’s west coast.

  • Greenpeace

US mining company sues Canada over fracking moratorium
US oil and gas company Lone Pine Resources has officially filed its lawsuit
to sue Canada’s government for $250 million over Quebec's moratorium on fracking.
It is using the investment rules of NAFTA, which are a milder version of what to
expect from the TPPA, to claim violation of its ‘right to mine’.

More contaminated waste heading for Taranaki
Gisborne District Council has given resource consents to TAG Oil to drill with the
understanding that drilling wastes are trucked out of their district and over to
Taranaki to be disposed of. They let it be known that fracking is not included in
the consent, however what they are not clear about is that fracking will be
necessary if the well is developed. All available info is at this link, including
the sites where the waste will be dumped.

Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) seemed to think this was a good time to release a
very dodgy report that suggests land farming is great. The following links give
details and Catherine from Climate Justice Taranaki has explained some of the short
comings of this latest report. While the petition is still collecting support -
thank you to all who have signed on - we may need to start some new activity to keep
the pressure on TRC and gain more support to stop the incoming toxic waste.
- Jean Kahui

Climate change impact on coastlines
Check out this neat interactive map of predicted changes in coastlines, made by
National Geographic:

Dump Dirty Denniston
CANA and 350.org have launched a divestment campaign urging Westpac to divest from
Denniston. This beautiful conservation land is under threat from Bathurst’s
proposed open cast coal mine.

What can you do? First off, go to this website
and send a letter to Mr Clare of Westpac.

Secondly, share the campaign, tell your family, your friends and your workmates
about this campaign so that Mr Clare becomes only too aware of the problems this
relationship will cause his bank. You’ll also be able to download the leaflets from

Given that most of you will live relatively close to a Westpac branch, there’s a lot
of communication with the bank and its customers that you can do.
Watch out for updates on events in your area.
- CANA & 350.org

If you are in Auckland on Monday…
Kanak Activists Talk Environmental Protest and Independence
Florent Eurisouke and his uncle Jojo are from a prominent Kanak family from the
province of Houailou on the east coast of Grande Terre, the large island of New
Caledonia, Kanaky.

Their people's ancestral tribal land includes the rugged and nickel rich Cap
Boccage, a peninsula appropriated in the 19th century by the Ballande family
originally from Bordeaux. The Ballande family are what they call 'Petit mineurs'
(little miners) which is misleading as their Cap Boccage nickel mining operation is
amongst the largest in private ownership in New Caledonia.

This private ownership status, the physical isolation of Cap Boccage, and the
historic arrogance of the Ballande family make for lax mining methods which have
resulted in serious environmental damage.

One particular event in 2008 was the collapse of a sump after heavy rain. This
tailings pond, used to contain the acidic minerals scraped off the mountain tops to
access the nickel ore, was built too close to the typically very steep edge the of
the operation…

Florent and Jojo want to make links with groups and individuals here in Aotearoa.
This is a rare opportunity not to be missed. There will also be a short introduction
to a film centred on their struggle, made by Jim Marbrook, which will be screened at
the 2014 film festival.

Oil Free Wellington is a grassroots group and we rely on community support to raise
funds. If you are able to donate, please do. Every dollar helps.

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