Our Battle Against Evil Incarnate


All Targets see the reality of mankind's struggle against evil.

Targets vs. Evil Incarnate 

Targets of the traitors in fbi, cia, nsa et al., include President Trump (mildly targeted),
the late John F. Kennedy, Myron May, Aron Alexis, Vince W. Foster

Former White House Counsel, 
Mike Ruppert,
 you and I, and tens of thousands of others globally.

Many Targets are gone and remain anonymous. Others are no doubt reluctant to make public their ordeal .

Our common experience, though,  with all Targets binds us together and is punctuated with a profound truth:

The fbi and the entire intelligence community are traitors. Even the president knows it. I and many others have exposed the fbi and company as ruthless torturers & assassins who have overthrown the legitimate government of USA. 


 Yet, the people are afraid to address the problem because fbi is a global MAFIA, and the media supports them.

So, to my wonderful friends and fellow Targets, including all on FACEBOOK,  RAMOLA D,  BARBARA HARTWEL, KAREN STEWART , et al., we are defending all mankind and we are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.  In any event our struggle against the evil of our time is part of the age old fight against tyranny which many others have championed.

Thank you all 'for your service' to humanity in this, the most universally recognized war of all time : an unending battle with heart, soul , mind and body,  against evil incarcerate all around us.




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