DLANZ lyrics to "Oh Waitangi...Save Waitangi" Song by Disabled about Aotearoa


Disabled's Poetic Rendition of Aotearoa since 1840, written between 2008 and before 2011. DLANZ hold to all sovereign nations to operate in a world of co-existence and cooperation, rather than conflict and combativeness to ensure a peaceful environment

_World View as seem by DLANZ: From Damascus to Darfur, Doha to Detroit and all the way back to Dargaville...Children suffer in poverty, while hypocrisy reigns / rains (Refer i.e. 'Solutions to Child Poverty in NZ' 2012)

(A little girl in the background sings, followed by start)
“Oh Waitangi
George Grey all the way to Rodney Hyde
Jenny Shipley, Dame ‘bitch’ took a slide
Peter Davis, Professor on Thalidomide
Oh Waitangi

Hone Heke, whakapapa Tariana
Maori Party lost themselves in Tijuana
When Tuhoe cried Hauaa came with KIA KAHA
Ko Waitangi

It’s a Quest-Called Cripple Thinking
California’s ‘sick’ SAANZ got the Doctors stinking
I don’t give a toss what those Nationals drinking
Yo Waitangi

If you a Bawler, Crip babies we’re a Hall of Fame
No tinana ahau, Our bodies are Our driving Name
Little Brittany we’re on tour as Hillside Ramblers
Abbot’s Crime came from a Labour dangler
No Maori cried, Tari still goes and fuels this anger
Whoa / Woe, So Why Tangi?

Taihoa it’s a T4 HAPE speaking
Waitamata quick-sands got Our Whaea sinking
I can’t give a Whakama what you’re thinking
Save Waitangi…….Save Waitangi “

Haaua / Disabled and Hape…Physical both NZ Maori

The story of Brittany Abbot…Ref Endnotes

Disabled Liberation Supports "Urewera 17"
http://www.trevorloudon.com/2007/11/ on November 10, 2007

Media Release: Disabled Wary of University of Auckland Survey http://archive.indymedia.org.nz/article/76289

http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO0704/S00027 Immigration Restriction Blamed in Abbott Tragedy Monday, 2 April 2007, 5:28 pm


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