My challenge to fbi,cia hoodlums


Let's see exactly how fbi and cia have served USA, other than as serial killers. My service:

My challenge to fbi,cia hoodlums

As a patriot of the former United States of America prior to the stealth overthrow of the original constitutional government by the traitors inside the fbi & the cia, I challenge the assassins of fbi/cia, their apologists in congress (such as John Cornyn, Pete Sessions, Diane Feinstein, Kay Bailey Hutchison, etc.) and federal magistrate judges (fmj), et al., to show the world any evidence of their service in battle during war in actual service to or defense of the United States of America.

They can't do it because their primary function is to send operatives, thugs, informants and neighbors to stalk, threaten, torture (with DEW & ELF), falsely imprison and murder true patriots, whistleblowers, activists, idealists, et al. The fbi are cowards, cutthroats and hoodlums in the tradition of MAFIA.

While they prance about
with fraudulently obtained civil process given by low minded fmj, the fbi undermines the pillars of democracy by subverting laws and flagrantly brandishing badges and guns which are now seen as badges of their depravity.

** They are quintessential traitors, torturers and assassins & serial killers.**

My service today includes 35 years of painful and dangerous labor to expose the civilian authority of this regime (i.e., fbi,cia,et al) as the lowest form of human being ever to rule over man.


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