Help prevent coal power plants in Indonesia and Vietnam threatening communities, livelihoods and the climate we all share


The Melbourne-based environment activists, Market Forces, have forced a major bank in South East Asia, Standard Chartered, to pull out of a proposed coal power project after working with Greenpeace to reveal it would be too polluting.

Market Forces believes that the banks, superannuation funds and governments that have custody of our money should use it to protect not damage our environment.

For the past 18 months Market Forces has supported groups in South East Asia to keep investment out of new coal power plants on Australia’s doorstep.

Now we have an opportunity to magnify that Standard Chartered win many times over. The bank is reconsidering their position on coal lending and if we apply enough pressure, they could pull out of a raft of proposed coal power plants in Indonesia and Vietnam that threaten communities, livelihoods and the climate we all share.

We have just booked a full-page advertisement (pictured above) in Singapore’s biggest newspaper – the Straits Times.

This is our chance to get a message calling on Standard Chartered to stop funding new coal in front of over 350,000 people in one of their key business markets!

Full page ads are incredibly expensive, and as a small not-for-profit we need help raising the funds to get this ad in Singapore’s biggest paper. Can you help us by chipping in?.

The ad is booked for 23 August, leaving us with little time to raise the funds. But with Standard Chartered currently considering their future funding of coal, we have to act quickly.

We’re now in a position where, with your help, we can pull the financing rug out of multiple new coal power projects and create more space for South East Asian countries to join the renewable energy revolution taking place worldwide.

Thanks for any support you can provide,
Julien, on behalf of Market Forces

Right now, Standard Chartered – a major funder to dirty coal power plants in South East Asia – is considering its future lending to coal. Get this critical message in the paper: don’t fund new coal!


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