Coalition voting on Turnbull's dirty energy plan tomorrow


The battle lines have just been drawn on Malcolm Turnbull's dirty energy plan. Energy Ministers of key states delivered the ultimatum that the plan is dead without changes on climate pollution, clean energy and slashing power bills.

The battle lines have just been drawn on Malcolm Turnbull's dirty energy plan. State Energy Ministers met on Friday to decide the fate of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). And key states delivered this ultimatum to PM Turnbull: the NEG is dead unless the Prime Minister changes his policy to allow future governments to cut climate pollution, build clean energy and slash power bills.1

Sounds reasonable, right? Except it's still too much for [former prime minister] Tony Abbott and his coal club. They're likely to revolt if PM Turnbull accepts the state's modest request to allow the NEG's pollution reductions targets to be scaled up by a future government. And it looks like Malcolm Turnbull is planning to cave to their demands by rushing through policy that could make taxpayers foot the bill for new coal-fired power plants.2

The Coalition party room is meeting tomorrow to decide their position on the NEG. If Malcolm Turnbull is going to stand up to the climate deniers like Tony Abbott, then we need every Coalition MP to hear from everyday people who want more climate action and who know that clean energy is the surest path to lower power bills.

If you're entitled to vote in Australia, can you contact your Coalition MP right now and ask them to increase the NEG's climate target so it actually cuts carbon pollution and builds clean energy?

We don't have time for another decade of rising climate pollution — our Great Barrier Reef is on the brink, while farmers in NSW are struggling to grow food as 100% of the state is now in drought.3

It's time for a national energy policy that protects Australians from the worsening impacts of the climate crisis, instead of protecting the interests of billion-dollar coal corporations. But if your Coalition MP is going to stand up to the coal lobby and their backers in the party room then they need to hear from the 84% of Australians who want renewables to be our main source of power.

Thousands of calls from informed constituents is what convinced State and Territory Energy Ministers from Victoria, Queensland and the ACT to draw a line in the sand on Friday. But now the decision is back with Coalition MPs, and they'll have Tony Abbott's coal faction and the fossil fuel lobby breathing down their necks demanding they slam the brakes on our clean energy future in favour of propping up their coal mates for another decade.

Not sure what to say to your Coalition MP?

  • Find their office number here to give them a call

    • Introduce yourself — mention that you're a constituent
    • Ask to speak with your local Coalition MP (they probably won't be available)
    • Tell their staff that:

      o You're very concerned about Turnbull's National Energy Guarantee (or "NEG")

      o You want the government to stand up for a safe climate and lower power bills with a national energy plan that will drive more low-cost clean energy into the system

      o Mention a couple reasons why the NEG in its current form is not good enough (find them here!)

      o You want your MP to push the Coalition party room to reject demands for extra subsidies for coal, and increase the NEG's pathetic emissions target

      o Ask that the office passes on this message as soon as possible

    Thank the staff member for their time — that's it! Easy.

In hope,
Miriam, Adam and Jairaj, for the GetUp team

PS — GetUp members have been leading a determined fight to stop the worst of the NEG from becoming a reality. Your efforts helped key States stand up to Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg and demand changes to stop the policy wrecking our booming renewables sector. The fight's not over yet, but together we've made a huge impact on the debate. We look forward to giving you a proper update soon.

[1] Neg survives after Canberra and states agree to keep talking, The Guardian, 10 August 2018
[2] Turnbull fast tracks coal plan to clinch NEG, Australian Financial Review, 13 August 2018
[3] NSW 100 per cent in drought: minister, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 August 2018

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