Thanks to protests by thousands of people, Australian state and territory governments threw a firecracker into the Turnbull Government’s do-nothing climate plan today, setting up a showdown at Tuesday’s Coalition party room meeting.

Will they compromise and improve the plan? Or will they fold to the climate denying backbenchers who want to handcuff us all to coal for decades more?

We’re ramping up the pressure on Liberal and National MPs and Minister Frydenberg with a flood of emails before their crucial meeting!

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg met his state and territory counterparts at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) today, hoping for agreement on the Turnbull Government’s energy policy, the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), before taking it back to the Coalition party room on Tuesday.

The federal government’s climate change plan is to do nothing for ten years, leaving climate damage, like droughts and firestorms unchecked, and leaving all the work of cutting pollution to willing state governments. But today they were forced to negotiate – because they can’t implement their policy without agreement from states and territories.

Our campaign is working. After huge pressure from thousands of people writing to state energy ministers, backed by an intensive lobbying effort from ACF campaigners and news of our huge new conversations campaign, the Victorian, Queensland and ACT governments upped their ambition.

Changes proposed by the states would make it much easier for a responsible future government to cut pollution and meet our Paris targets by:

• Putting the targets in regulation rather than legislation so they can be easily increased.
• Reviewing targets every three years and with only stronger targets allowed.
• Allowing state governments to build more clean energy in addition to the NEG.

Minister Frydenberg and Prime Minister Turnbull are now under intense pressure to compromise on their all or nothing position. That’s why raising your voice right now can add to the pressure and tip the balance.

They must stare down the naysayers in their party room meeting on Tuesday and agree to these sensible measures proposed by Victoria, Queensland and the ACT.

If you’re an Australian voter you can ask your Member of Parliament from the Liberal or National parties, to support these changes to the NEG at the Coalition party room meeting this Tuesday..

If you don’t have a Liberal or National representative you can ask the Minister for Energy and the Environment, Josh Frydenberg, to listen to the states and amend the NEG

Not sure what party your MP is from? Look up your MP here.

Get your email in by Tuesday to help us finally get a national policy to cut climate pollution.
Gavan McFadzean
Climate Change and Clean Energy Program Manager

P.S. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his small band of supporters are threatening their own party in a crusade for more coal-burning power. He’s counting on Australians thinking climate policy is all too hard and feeling they are powerless. It’s not that hard. We can do it in the next few days.

The Guardian: Neg survives after Canberra and states agree to keep talking

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