Colonisation from here to eternity

Those Pacific islands inhabited from time immemorial by Kanak nation have an Added population helping French Capitalism exploit the subsoil. Now the people are to vote in a referendum for independence or continuing colonisation. France is lying.

Colonisation from here to eternity

Fernando García Izquierdo

A couple of months ago I heard on the wireless that President Macron will soon make an official visit to the French province of “Nouvelle Calédonie.” This province (or département, as it also can be called) is not situated in France, but in the Pacific Ocean.
All through history France has been colonising different chunks of the planet, and in all or almost all cases these territories have been administratively made provinces of the French State, as if we said, in England, counties. For “le droit administratif” dictates that these COLONIES will appear before the law (international and municipal, not as colonies, but integrating parts of France, wherever in the world they ‘happen’ to be situated. That is, the same as if they were chunks of “la Terre Française”, as much as ‘la Champagne, Normandie, Bretagne, Aquitaine, etc.

So, during many decades the French occupied foreign lands and tried to hold on to them “¡mío mío! on the sly, so to say. It is quite true that, in consideration of that, the natives as a rule were made French Citizens, for there is not among the French, as there is among the English (say), the slightest trace of racial prejudice.
I know people, in this matter of racial prejudice, may disagree with me about the French; but I ca assure them that the difference exists. I leave this point at that, for I cannot extend myself on every matter in short articles.
A word about other French colonies.
Just to give one example of how specifically the French colonialists have always, irremediably, made a mess of what they touch (have touched) on this matter of dominion and colonisation, let me refer very briefly to a different part of the earth: all that part of the planet over which the Mekong River flows gently and generously and was once happy before Capitalism-imperialism sought to destroy it.
Due to a curious switch in my professional life, in 1970, I have lived most of my life near Paris. And there, not until the final defeat of the US Imperialists by Communist Vietnam, did I hear French people refer to all that part of the earth (South East Asia) otherwise than as “l’Indochine Française.”
And it has been the same all over the world. I could give a hundred other examples. In the Caribbean, for example, (perhaps the reader does not know) there is a chunk of France, again an integral part of the country where I reside, still called “les Antilles Françaises.”
Complicated to explain is New Caledonia.
Like all the colonialists, the French hand on to the possession of territories which obviously do not belong to them, like (say) the above-mentioned Caribbean Islands. I do not know whether they mean to stick to them AT ALL COSTS, like those most fatalistic Israelis, who will sustain WARS against Palestinians and the ONU until everything is blown up, because their monotheistic god so ordained three thousand years ago; but this is a different story into which I prefer not to enter.
In any case, what the French accumulators seek nowadays, as we have said, is to keep “la Nouvelle Calédonie” within their colonial grip. Nearly a century has passed since they first set foot on the islands, and the interested reader may calculate the amount of capital they have grabbed and accumulated in their powerful banks ever since: for it is THIS that keeps French Capital still influential.
New Caledonia.
All these islands north of New Zealand were ‘discovered’ by a Spanish navigator called Fernández de Queiroz. The name of New Caledonia, however, was given by a Scot, Captain Cook. The islands, together with another archipelago (named by the same Scot the New Hebrides) were inhabited by people of the Melanesian race, like other archipelagos and islands in that part of the South Pacific, including New Zealand and Tasmania.

The archipelago we are considering, together with the Loyalty Islands, constitute the chunk of the planet President Macron wants to keep as “part of France”. There is to be a referendum (under French Law) for this purpose. It is, I think, the third referendum, on the matter, in three decades.
One particularity about New Caledonia.
These islands possess an immensely rich subsoil. The colonialists founded in due course, on the main island, a big town called Nouméa, which became the capital of ‘the French Province’ of which we are speaking. Of course for a long time people flocked, mainly from France, to this spot of wealthy abundance, the sort of element whom our civilisation denominates “entrepreneur”. Naturally most of them became rich. It is natural in Capitalism to produce riches an seek to maximise profits. And the result was, first, that the subsoil of these islands produced wealth, raw materials for French Industry. And, secondly, Nouméa PRODUCED its own large population. I have nothing to say about this. Alaska and other countries (places) attracted in their own time their own DIGGERS, and sure enough, a settled-population, quite legitimate at times.
But there are other things to consider.
The French Big Powers come before the media telling the world that in their province of “la Nouvelle Calédonie” there are two peoples of equal value, les Caldoches and les Kanaks, who necessarily are antagonistic. The “République”, whose law is “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” is going to organise another referendum, as I wrote above, and let the PEOPLE decide whether the province shall be part of France or become an independent country, integral part of the United Nations.
I shall revert to this, but let me point out at this stage that all this is chicanery, to which Macron has been well trained by the hidden powers-that-be who from the Bank Rothschild took him to the Presidency.

Not being a statistician, I frankly do not know what is the population of what the ‘Droit Administratif’ names “Caldoches”, nor whether they all are White or what not. What I know is that the islands are divided, that the irreconcilable antagonism is between the rich and the poor, the dispossessed masses and a minority of millionaires and all the paid lackeys and other elements composed perhaps by people coming from abroad.
Britannia rules the waves.
The English like to think that the Scot mentioned above is “the” (first) circumnavigator of the world, which is a solemn lie, for Captain Cook was like the crow that follows the plough, hoping to feed on the farmer’s good labour. It was the Portuguese navigators who first circumnavigated the world.
However this may be, it is true that the British grabbed these archpelagos for themselves: two more colonies to offer to the Crown (on the head of Queen Victoria, Empress of India.)
The New Hebrides and New Caledonia.
I do not remember how the French State came to have a hand in these two condominia; but I know that about the time of the commencement of capitalism- imperialiism Great Britain, many times, bought French acquiescence by giving them a chunk of territory here and there. All this happened in the nineteeenth century.
For instance (giving an example of the early twentieth century) when Great Britain rushed with all her chicanery to the Near East and grabbed for herself Palestine and all the riches of Arabia, say, she gave Imperial France Syria and Lebanon.

Reverting to the mentioned condominia of the Pacific, London, whose interest little by little was above all controlling world finance, made some arrangements, as the English know how to do, and New Hebrides became an independent nation, as Vanuatu, in 1988, and a member of the United Nations.
New Caledonia, however, has had to go on and on as an exploited colony (Sorry, as a province of the European nation France). That means that “la Nouvelle Calédonie”, after the independence of the sister nation, has been subjected to slavery for thirty-eight years. I use the word “slavery”, which will probably seem excessive… JUDGE HOWEVER:
Kanak Islands, a War for Independence.
The people of these islands, like the subjected people of all colonies, after the war against fascism in 1939 -1945, have always sought to obtain independence. This is evident and there is no need to insist thereupon. The French capitalists may speak of democracy, elections, referenda, etc. But it would suffice for them to read J.J.Rousseau to see that thinking men and women understand that NOBODY WILL GIVE VOLUNTARILY HIS (HER) LIBERTY TO ANOTHER.

Ten years ago the police and the army (‘liberté, égalité, fraternité) entered the place where the representatives of the Kanak nation were meeting and killed them all, including their leader, Jean Marie Tjibaou.
What the Kanak people were struggling for was socialism, an independent Kanak Nation, without Rich and without Poor´. And don’t tell me that this cannot be achieved.
Of course, in the Free World, equality is unattainable.
In the world in which I live, there are commanding representatives (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Politicians, Monarchs) of the powers-that-be, President Macron being a case in point, and they WORK FOR THE RICH, everybody knows that in France now.
In fact, in our world, more and ruffians in positions of strength (as is the case in Nouméa) seem to have stately powers. More often than not, such rascals end by saying more or less clearly that the State is there to maximise the profits of successful capitalists, and after that, if the capitalists SUCCEED, they will know how to feed the pauper: otherwise (they corroborate) nobody will have a job. This is the way Monsieur Emmanuel Macron, president in Paris, thinks;and this is the way Monsieur Jacques Lafleur, president in Nouméa thinks.
And is this the sort of democracy (liberty, equality, fraternity) France is offering to her provinces in the Pacifc?
As for New Caledonia, everyone should recall that the then New Hebrides nearby was declared independent in 1988. What string of lies has made the French to hold on to New Caledonia plus Loyalty Islands? Is it that all these islands form part “de la terre française”, like Versailles and Lourdes?
Or is it that the subsoil provides raw materials for French industry and lets the French capitalists accumulate, accumulate……………


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