From civilization to wasteland


When the people support crime spree, law and order fail.

A World Turned Mad by the Intelligence community  (fbi,cia)

We have come to know the fbi Special Agents,  operatives,  street thugs, informants, and their federal magistrate judges (fmj) operatives as heinous,psychopathic torturers and assassins.

Also,with horror we have learned that the general population accepts and follows orders, directives and suggestions issued by these beasts clothed as humans. 

We have not yet learned how to deprogram those ordinary citizens who blindly obey fbi assassins and fmj. The people are usually not capable of discerning evil when it confronts them face to face. The ordinary citizen relies on government police to protect, but when police/Fbi turn into murderous fiends with the cooperation of fmj our world is turned upside down. With criminals in charge of law and order and with innocent individuals being assassinated by fbi/cia, right under our nose, lawlessness prevails. Anarchy cannot for long be contained.

As people discover that this nation is thereby ruled by hoodlums, criminals, serial killers and traitors, a state of insanity blossoms. Then, all suffer because a 'purge' is afoot wherein almost everyone become prey or predator.

We here understand the meaning of the word prey. But in our naivete and unfounded hope that things will get better our civilization itself is transformed into an unfamiliar wasteland. 


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