D.L.A.N.Z To: His Excellency Lieutenant General Warning of an 'Abdication of Sovereign Responsibility'


Re: NZ Government ‘Sale of Assets’ Legislation…An ‘Unclear’ Mandate
AND: The violent use of NZ Police to enforce Government economic policy…Housing NZ and Glen Innes
EARLY NZ ELECTION 2014?? As a real 'Solution to Child Poverty in New Zealand' 2012

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New Lynn Waitakere 0600

Aotearoa New Zealand

To: His Excellency Lieutenant General The Right Honorable Sir Jerry Mateparae QNZM QSO Governor-General of New Zealand
Government House
Private Bag 39995
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045
31 August – 11 October 2013

Dear Sir Jerry Tena koe,

Re: NZ Government ‘Sale of Assets’ Legislation…An ‘Unclear’ Mandate
AND: The violent use of NZ Police to enforce Government economic policy…Housing NZ and Glen Innes

My name is Doug Hay, and I write as Coordinator for DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ an organization representing those who live in the frame you know as ‘Disability’, where our Impairments are our primary source of identity. The current Minister of Disability was heard on the radio describing disabled as the most vulnerable group of people within society. It is in this vein I write to express ‘our’ support for the concerns over Sale of Assets legislation, and the government’s use of ‘force’ to promulgate their economic ideology.
DLANZ believe the 2011 NZ Election did not give a ‘clear mandate’ as Prime Minister John Key states. We feel the result highlights that nearly 25% of the voting population did not vote. Also the Leadership debates were not the ‘General’ model; instead both John Key (National) and Phil Goff (Labour) excluded other political parties from genuine debating over such issues. Aside from the famous ‘1 seat’ majority, the National held seat of Henderson is only based on a dozen recounted invalid votes.

The coalition of term 2011 to now includes the NZ Maori Party who have openly stated they are opposed to Sale of Assets; The 7 Waka’s of Aotearoa have voted against the abuse of Treaty of Waitangi ownership of water and: The ‘Pakeha’ side of Waitangi’s Crown, are in the middle of having a Citizen’s Referendum because most of the vote of 2011 went against the ideology of selling state assets.

DLANZ feel ‘hand on heart’ the government has not considered the ramifications of what DLANZ would describe as a ‘Systemic Abdication of Sovereign Responsibility’ The fact that over 270 thousand kids and their whanau / families, live in recognized ‘poverty levels’ (Solutions to Child Poverty in NZ – Families Comm. 2012), clearly indicate Aotearoa NZ ‘Laissez Faire – We Don’t Care’ attitude is causing great chaos, pain and economic havoc onto its citizens. DLANZ had hoped our request to the NZ Maori Party Conf. 2013 would be heard…sadly no.

Maori Party AGM: A Cross Roads after Sky Casino and its Coalitiom with Natiomal www.indymedia.org.nz/articles/1015 Sorry about the spelling…should be National Coalition
“The Ikaroa Rawhiti by-election result and the shameless way National bullied it's members into towing the Party line, over the 'Conscience' vote on the Sky Casino Bill; How Much More For A Coalition Withdraw? "Politicians Try To Take Us Away
But They Can't Take Our Freedom to Stay....Freedom" - Tiki Tane (AMC July 2013)
That not withstanding, as the Vice Regal Signatory of this Sovereign DLANZ can not accept a society which pays its Crown Ministers Christmas Bonuses (DLANZ “Show Integrity” 2011 attached), while ‘poor’ people are being turned out of their homes, on a political drive to deduce profits off the same land, already given to these people by the Crown (HNZC & Glen Innes, Auckland)
DLANZ has written to many world leaders (Obama - Palestine, Putin - Syria. Moon - UN and King Tuhietia - Waitangi Water etc), expressing the concept that, defense aside, a use of violence as a means to achieve an end is both unsustainable and uneconomic for an ‘Able Minded’ society. (Able Bodied plus Disabled equals NZ Disability Strategy 2001 www.modi.govt.nz Whakanui Oranga - Making a World of Difference)
DLANZ ask you as the Chief Commander of Aotearoa NZ Security Forces (Internal / External), to please keep the NZ Police from being used as blue bodied bailiffs’, for this government too focused on policy, while evicting with force innocent and defenseless tenants. We are appalled that this hypocrisy is continuing and would prefer not to wait till 2014 before a new election. The ‘suffering’ on both people and markets is being caused by uncertainty and DLANZ believe, as a representative body that has no official voice, we address our concerns to you.

Attached is our Constitutional Proposals for Waitangi ‘A Fusion of Horizons’ 2012 originally I hand wrote) which was sent to Sharples / English – Bill of Rights and Mutu / Jackson – 1835 Declaration of Independence. I hope you enjoy our optimism for a brighter future with a positive response, and kia kaha to you and yours

Yours truly,

Doug Hay – Coordinator


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