Support for MIKE BARDEN


This is a request for help for my good friend MIKE BARDEN.

From a fine man and my friend, MIKE BARDEN, fraudulently targeted for ruination by fbi and police hoodlums:

"I agree. For all of you out there that still own firearms, be careful. They will lie about you to take your weapons and incarcerate you. My next court date for aggravated assault with a firearm is on July 18th. Wednesday at the Maricopa County Superior Court. Please help spread the word that this is happening to me. I started recording instances of Gang Stalking in November of 2017. I filmed a conversation with a police officer about targeting, and said I would never stop investigating what happened to me when I was a kid. I posted it to Youtube early December, and was arrested on Jan, 4th. 3 weeks after the video being posted. It was a clear act of retaliation, and the public needs to know that they are trying to take me completely out of the picture. This is no different than Tommy Robinson's current situation. Please help get the word out before I'm gone for 15 years. Thank you to whoever reads this."

Please note that I have offered to serve as a character reference for MIKE BARDEN who is well known on FACEBOOK as a friend to people targeted across the country For torture, false imprisonment and assassination.
Mike is a brave and conscientious citizen who exemplifies our claims for our human, civil and constitutional rights.

Submit inquiries as appropriate.
Thank you and thank you MIKE BARDEN.


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