Once A Soldier ...Always


This summary shows fbi as cowardly traitors who attack those who make this nation free.

Even drifting feathers carry weighty messages. 

The Vietnam war, terrible/devastating/sad for me, was only a preparation for the conflict waiting for me upon my return to homeland USA. 

I discovered here that my country,USA, is a fraud which allows the intelligence community  (i.e., intel, fbi,cia) to commit atrocities galore all over the place and all the time. I also learned that the fbi reviews all medical and Service records of soldiers who are outspoken against intel.

The fbi searches for ways to aggravate war injuries, including traumatic stress indications, and actually tries to provoke the 'soldier' into yet another violent confrontation.  The fbi then uses a prima donna federal magistrate judge to order the imprisonment of the soldier as he is a threat to others, or to himself.

Fbi agents and low, contract operatives harass and torture the soldier by criminal assaults which include DEW/ELF, chemicals and bio-viral agents. Police at all levels also threaten and sometimes try to kill the soldier at the direction of fbi.

Due to the plenary authority of fbi in our misguided society and together with their hip pocket fmj, the USA is a de facto fascist state where citizens en queue also terrorize those individuals who are targeted by fbi.

For evidence of these statements see my papers at Academia.edu,  my WRIT, and my thousands of documentaries written or referencing my life  for the past half century.

As I overcame all obstacles and challenges in life, including extreme poverty, I consider the fbi assassins as our most serious and evil challenge/enemy because they are traitors who wrap themselves in the American flag that their Targets defended as soldiers.

They have tried and almost succeeded in killing me, even as the torture increases, but they forget one little detail:

A soldier perseveres in battle without regard to injuries and hardships. After all, the soldier cannot surrender to thugs and cowards who hide from the active defense of the nation by marauding  around on the home front.

So, I trust that this light message on a most serious subject may awaken others to send adrift their own feathers regarding the heartbreak occasioned by the very officials (fbi, fmj) who are responsible for keeping USA free from murderous tyranny. 

Thank you. 


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