Silver Lining


Fbi assassins delete this important report due to its profundity.

At long last we see the beginning of the end to our greatness as a species.

*****The Silver Lining*

***A dark and evil curse spreads over this land and, like a virus, swoops over the globe under the terrible auspices of USA's intelligence community. The assassins and torturers of fbi/cia and their affiliates in strategic locations everywhere place all of us, all human beings at risk, irreversibly of long suffering and bad death. Even those who engage in the global atrocities in support of the ruling elite cannot escape the cruel destiny forced at first only on the underclass. *

As this coup over humanity itself is millennia in the making, the hearts and minds of the people going forward  are infected with the most despicable type of human perversion: homicidal mind poisoning and inhumane behavioral programming. 

**Many of us who see the black clouds hovering above civilization recognize that the very leaders whom we once trusted and truly wanted to believe in are lost in the confusion of psychological turmoil and mental illness brought on by the curse.*

We may try to educate the masses, but only if they are willing to learn. Most people prefer ignorance.

So, to my associates here,  I thank you for your bravery in facing this historic attack on the human species. You and I and many yet to come represent the finest minds and hearts of our time and, ironically,  as victims of the madness we are also the champions of an effort toward  enlightenment. 

Though many of us may never meet in person, we can be assured that our individual & collective
efforts, our pleadings, our travails will forever sprinkle light on this dark world like the stars we see twinkling across the milky way. 

****We are the conscience of all humankind.*

See GERAL SOSBEE, 1963, Dallas Texas .
The child is father of the man (Wordsworth).


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