Fbi uses dirty psyops on me


Fbi psychological operations against this Target are very uncomfortable.

Fbi continues diabolical schemes to terrorize this Target by gaslighting methods.

My frustration for fbi renewed psyops against me is exceeded only by my sadness for our people who trust corrupt and bloodthirsty fbi & federal magistrate judges and who are not psychologically prepared for mind wars which are nearly impossible to defend against.

Home invasions, 24/7/365 surveillance, destruction of property, mixing prescribed medications, poisonings,taking over remote robotics of car/tv, attacks with DEW/ELF, sending electronic messages to me to confirm the attacks and entering my car to tamper with settings are tactics used by fbi thugs for 35 years. The mind assaults have never silenced me, though have caused serious injuries. Yet, the fbi hoodlums employ the same crimes over and over again ad naseum.

My friends here, especially RAMOLA DHARMARAJ and BARBARA HARTWELL and many others have endured similar attacks.

Such dirty games that tax the serenity of peaceful minds reflect the fbi's criminal insanity.

No more heinous & insidious cowards are hatched and nourished in USA than the clandestine assassins/thugs/hoodlums of


Regarding their 'gaslighting' and Psy War on Targets, these miscreants represent the lowest, most sadistic and despicable human beings ever to claim membership in the human race.

Part of psyops is executed to force the Target to perform mental exercises to rule out possible explanations for destruction or tampering with items in home/car. Then, after Target concludes that the only explication for strange losses of and damage to personal items, he/she is faced with the realization that hideous assassins of fbi and fmj are trying to drive the Target to neurosis by crimes and by psyops. If the Target try to explain to others the dirty games, he may appear to naive and misguided laymen as confused, disturbed, psychotic. One type of psyops was recently demonstrated by our friend DAVID ATKINS here who videotaped 2 fbi assassins assaulting and trying to provoke him. When I identified the two devils on FACEBOOK, fbi again deleted my FACEBOOK page.


This nation in celebrating July 4 is in denial of its own murderous rule over men everywhere, as fbi,cia,nsa,air force et al., tap dance via psyops on the minds &

consciousness of many Targets.

Even as gen d'armes brutally kill our people on the streets and in their homes, hideous and often invisible attacks are perpetrated to hurt the Target mentally & emotionally.

DEW/ELF attacks are also psyops.

Eternal shame on USA for all its lies on this and all other 4th of 'Julies'

Declaration of independence means nothing to fbi assassins:
"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,,,,"




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