Renewable energy cuts power prices in Queensland and New South Wales


Renewable energy has cut power prices by about $140 for Queensland customers, around $47 per year for New South Wales customers. 2018 will be a watershed moment for renewable energy in Australia.

By GetUp!
Great news for renewable energy fans in New South Wales and Queensland!
While the old, dirty power companies continue to rank among the country's worst polluters with their aging fleet of coal-fired power plants, GetUp's energy partner Powershop has slashed its rates in NSW and Queensland off the back of a massive investment in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy.1,2
2018 will be a watershed moment for renewable energy in Australia, and a year that leaves coal well and truly where it belongs — in the dust.
Earlier in the year we saw [the electricity companies] AGL, EnergyAustralia, and Origin exposed as the 1st, 2nd, and 4th biggest polluters in the country, spewing out a shocking 82.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide combined.3
But while these polluting dinosaurs cling to their coal-fired power plants, companies like Powershop are proving that the renewable energy revolution is well-underway — and already resulting in cheaper prices for consumers.
The recent investment in almost 750GWh of wind and solar came at a time of plummeting prices, with the cost of new renewable energy now lower than the current wholesale price of power.4
Now Powershop have come good on their promise to pass savings on to their customers, continuing their mission to prove that renewables are the cheapest form of power generation.5
The price cut equates to an average reduction of about 8.6% for Queensland customers — around $140 per year — and 3% for New South Wales customers — around $47 per year.
The renewable energy revolution means cheaper prices for customers, and ultimately a cleaner, safer energy system for all.
For almost four years now, GetUp members have been at the vanguard of the push towards a clean energy future — using their power as consumers to switch from our old, dirty power companies to a better alternative.
So far more than 20,000 of us have taken action by switching to GetUp's energy partner Powershop, ranked greenest power company in Australia by Greenpeace three times running.6
Here's what our members are saying about switching to Powershop:
"I have saved a lot of money by changing to Powershop. I am pleased to be supporting a company dealing in renewable energy and which is carbon-neutral,"
Faye, New South Wales
"It was so pleasing to find an energy company that actually exhibited some good, responsible values and not just the cynical greenwash of other companies in the sector,"
Anthony, Victoria
"We have definitely saved a considerable amount since switching from one of the big 3 energy providers. And we can also feel good about making a difference to the environment,"
Rhonda, Victoria

It's important to note that everyone on the grid receives the same mix of electricity, so if you make the switch you won't be receiving renewable energy directly.
But you'll be with a 100% carbon-neutral power company that walks the walk on renewable energy, and has firm commitments never to invest in fossil fuels like coal or coal seam gas.
Powershop also provides GetUp with a financial contribution for everyone that switches through the Better Power campaign, helping us do more for the environment.
Consumers will now be enjoying even lower rates thanks to Powershop's latest huge investment in wind and solar.
To find out more about Powershop and the Better Power campaign, head to
Thanks for all you do for a cleaner, safer, and cheaper energy sector.
Anthony, for the GetUp team
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