fbi counterintelligence program against me


See my reports that exemplify the tactics used in the fbi's 'Cointelpro' and the damage that the program inflicts on society.

See my reports that exemplify the tactics used in the fbi's 'Cointelpro' and the damage that the program inflicts on society.

The fbi's *Cointelpro is shown in the summary below where the fbi enters onto several of the campuses of UT with a fraudulently obtained and abusively applied civil court order against me. The fbi displays the order to the police thugs and solicits their help in illegal & failed efforts to arrest me. Every employee and official of UT is induced to assist the fbi at will in the neutralization campaign against me as I have documented. Military intelligence also joins in the games.

For several years I have shown how the fbi, police and their operatives have corrupted the entire UT system, including the offices of Chancellor, legal counsel, president, dean, library staff, and janitorial workers, all in efforts to find a way to arrest me. The reports in my Parts 19,a,b,c ("My Story In Detail")


provide the evidence of such criminal assaults on my person and the coverup of same.

The thugs and operatives whom I have described continue to harass me in the UT library to this day and the corrupt UT police are aware of the crimes and encourage a continuation of the provocative assaults to this day. I filed a request for an Internal Affairs investigation, but predictably the criminal assaults continue and the police laugh at my reports.


Cointelpro is an fbi covert effort through 'Counter Intelligence' operations to neutralize (by imprisonment or death) a given Target by using operatives and assassins who are armed with high technology and forged information against the Target. While I am a Target of such assaults I am also being tortured by directed energy weaponry:





See The Age of Madness:


And See the real fbi as federal burro of investigation:


Finally, understand the causes for the collapse of the United States government :



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