Dutton's deadly veil of secrecy.


On Friday, Fariborz Karami, a 26 year old refugee was found — at the edge of death — by his wife in the mouldy tent their family had been forced to live in for five years on Nauru1. Soon after, Fariborz died, the second to die offshore in weeks.

By GetUp!

On Friday, Fariborz Karami, a 26 year old refugee was found — at the edge of death — by his wife in the mouldy tent their family had been forced to live in for five years on Nauru1.

Soon after, Fariborz died. He's the second person to die in offshore detention in a matter of weeks. Like many before him, he'd had been crying out for help for years.

Time and time again, these cries and the advice of medical staff have been ignored by the Australian Government2 – and the death toll inside Dutton's cruel detention regime continues to climb.

It's a policy that can only continue under Dutton's deadly veil of secrecy. That's why thousands of us have come together to call on parliament to launch a probing inquiry — to expose the total disregard for medical advice in Dutton's offshore detention regime, and the ongoing abuse. But it's time step up the pressure.

With their numbers in the Senate, Labor could work with the Greens and crossbench to kick off the inquiry -- but they won't do it without massive public pressure. If enough of us contact our Labor Senators and raise our concerns, we can push them to step up and expose the government's abusive policies.

Fariborz's death comes only three weeks after the death of a Rohingya refugee on Manus Island, who spent five years in tortuous limbo, pleading for medical treatment and to be reunited with his family in Australia3.

Doctors repeatedly recommended that the Rohingya refugee be brought to Australia for urgent specialist medical care — but the Australian Government refused to act, and the consequences were deadly.

In fact, despite promising the Australian Medical Association in November last year that he would provide 'enhanced levels of medical care', Peter Dutton has gutted medical services on Manus Island4.

And on Nauru, Minister Dutton's department has repeatedly denied a 63-year-old father and refugee who is dying from advanced lung cancer access to palliative care in Australia, prompting hundreds of doctors to sign a petition calling on Peter Dutton to reverse his cruel decision5.

Every day this flagrant medical negligence continues, more lives are at risk.

Can you email Labor senators and call on them to start an inquiry into the government's failure to act on independent medical advice for the people detained in offshore detention?

The GetUp community has long been calling on the government to immediately evacuate the camps and bring the men, women and children held there to safety in Australia.

If we come together to push for a Senate Inquiry into the government's offshore detention regime, it will shed a spotlight on ongoing medical negligence and abuse and build pressure on the government to evacuate the children, men and women to safety in Australia.

In determination, Matt, for the GetUp team.

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