Disabled and Kauri Issues vol. 2 “Sharon’s Triangle – Able Bodied plus Disabled equals Able Minded”


DLANZ 2nd edition releasing posted communiqués - AND A tribute introduction of a well loved and respected figure in our world.

The NZ Disability Strategy 2001, as it should have been

This is a Formula by Nature, in memory of the late Sharon Devonshire. "She didn't let disability defeat her, and she wouldn't let it defeat anyone else either," This quote was about Sharon’s sad passing in 2008 titled “Aussie battler for the disabled” (Manawatu Standard). Sharon possessed a fierce independent quality for economic equality and opportunity for all.

Back in the institutional days Sharon was told by ‘experts’ at a Rehab Centre, that her best chance in work, would be to sell pens on a street corner in Sydney. That’s like showing a red rag to a bull, as Sharon showed how those able bodied experts can get things horribly wrong. She ran her own business in a range of sectors (produce, job training and homecare). Along with her husband Brian and their whanau (Aussie & Ngapuhi combined), they made ‘No 9 Rosealie Street’ a haven and inspiration for those (like myself), who recognized and love the common sense attitude that came from Sharon.

Sharon was a solution-based thinker; weighing up situations drawn from the past; evaluating opportunities for growth and network with agencies to insure positive outcomes for her clients (with and without disabilities). Her excellent sense of humor, drawn un part from the life of the Balmain Waterside and its blue collar independence, laced with heaps of humor, sometimes only us ‘crips’ can laugh at.
There is no argument that Sharon was a firm believer in the NZ Disability Strategy and the Objectives which recognize that our populations live in frames which include disabled now and in the future. Many of Disabled (Hape / Hauaa) believe that an overarching and independent authority is a 'Collective' requirement under _Te Triti O Waitangi ,,_Treaty of,, 1835..1840.....Now and Beyond (Refer "Social Model of Disability 1975 is Making A World of Difference 'Whakanui Oranga NZDS 2001.
This structural frame world strategy helps identify ignorance from indifference when it comes for setting policies for future generations of Aotearoa.'s Able-bodied / Maarohirohi, and Disabled / Hape (with and without other disabilities Hauaa)
Speaking as a Hape (Physical and haappy; to be here :-).., It would be fair to say that: From Damascus to Darfur, Doha to Detroit and all the way back to Dargaville...Children suffer in poverty, while hypocrisy reigns / rains (Refer i.e. 'Solutions to Child Poverty in New Zealand' 2012) …I think Sharon would agree, with our complaints to Minister of Disability Tariana Turia, that if it (policies).don’t work for disabled; odds on, it won’t work for anyone. Any idea is great; just ensure people don’t get hurt in the process and worse if it’s done for the profit of a few. Applying the combination is common sense and visionary at the same time.
Sharon also could really sing some tunes. I remember “Shaz & Val” singing ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ way out in a neat place in Marakopa, and at an Iwi function, I remember Sharon’s Waiata was “Waltzing Matilda”, where everybody got up and sang….Awesome memories. Sharon was a great friend, mother, mentor and a Queen of the Disability Nation and was willing to play triangle for crazy activists with music as revolution and peace in all hearts. She helped write Disinformation which was the best disability article around in the 1990’s, and I hope the Disabled and Kauri Series can also open up a range of today’s topics for action with a disabled perspective.

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19 September 2013
Protest & Revolution

Suffrage Day - Two Consecutive General Elections of Women Only as Voters as Utu for gender inequality...kia kaha Mana Wahine and Happy Birthday Our Tracey
Out of Adversity Comes Strength...sent as part of DLANZ 2012Waitangi proposal www.indymedia.org.nz 'A Fusion of Horizons'
18 September 2013
Maori & Tino Rangatiratanga

Disabled Liberation supports NZ Maori Council Waitangi status over Wardens amd Water
DLANZ offer our support with the NZ Maori Council over their fight with the National-led coalition's attempt to silence a body that does it's rightful statutory role, and gets 'a kick in the guts'.
11 September 2013
Workers & Economy
Letter to the Human Rights Commission over KFC sacking workers with disabilities: via The Daily Blog
By Mike Treen / September 7, 2013 www.thedailyblog.co.nz DLANZ cited this and, at the end, have provided our support and advice., and we hope others will too In solidarity DLANZ feel an early election, rather than wait till 2014
11 September 2013
Government & Law
Disabled Support Petition Launched by DPA –Repeal the NZ Public Health and Amendment Act (no2) 2013
This was cited on Disabled Persons Assembly website www.dpa.org.nz and Disabled ask for support. Petition Forms available on DPA's website. Many thanks and keep smiling...Dougie@ DLANZ
11 September 2013
Maori & Tino Rangatiratanga
DLANZ; Disabled Pay Tribute to Denis Hansen - A Sad Loss to Te Ao Maori and NZ's Radio Waves
Radio Waatea603am and Waipareira Trust suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Dens, who hosted many of the Talk Backs and gave mind, body and soul to his People and those of NZ wider community. Disabled offer our respects to his whanau.


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